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Wanna live an extraordinary life? Then you need to join forces with the power of “Yes”….

Those of you who’ve been visiting here for a while may know that I’m a big advocate of the “Life Mission“. I believe that each and everyone of us has something extraordinary that we are here to do, something that we bring to the party of Life that noone else can bring for us.

And part of making this happen is knowing what your Life Mission is – what you are here to do with your life. And another major part is being willing to move outside of your comfort zone to make that happen.

Many people live mundane, “middle-of-the-road” lives. Some people go way  beyond that. And the main difference between the two is being willing to say “Yes” to moving beyond survival and into adventure.  “Yes” to what calls to you. “Yes” to being imperfect while you try and learn new things. “Yes” to your ability to make a difference or make  things happen.

“Yes”” to being extraordinary…

I have a friend who is a stage magician (www.greenwolfmagic.com ) . One part of his show is teaching his audience to say “Ooooo! Aaaaaaah! YES!” when they see something in the show that amazes them or pleases them mightily.

I’d like to encourage you to say “Ooooo! Aaaah! YES!” to your life. and to make your life something that you want to say “Ooooo!! Aaaah! YES!” to…

Say Yes to what is extraordinary in you….






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