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Earlier this week, we talked about Feng Shui beliefs about plumbing. How in Feng Shui, if the lid is up on the toilet, it can energetically lead to money “going down the drain”…

And, for the gentlemen in the readership, this is not a “woman-wants-the-seat-down” thing. The belief is that water draining out of the house energetically leads to unexpected expenses.


  • car repairs;
  • home repairs;
  • tax bills:

You get the idea.

So, the concept is that, by keeping the lid down when the toilet is not in use, you are blocking that negative energy flow, and cutting down on or eliminating such freak expenditures.

This is called a Feng Shui “cure” – a technique or trick to block negative energy. And it is a good thing.

But, by the by, your toilet is not the only place that water drains out of, right?

No worries – we got some other cures for you….

For drains in sinks (kitchen, bathroom, or, for the ritzy, home bar), one way of blocking the money from going down the drain is to stop the sinks when not draining water. Close the little thing-a-ma-jig…

Or, if that’s too hard to remember (especially when you get up early or crash out very late), you can tie a red ribbon around the drain pipe under the sink for long range protection that doesn’t require remembering to do something on a regular basis.

It’s also a good idea to be sure to turn faucets completely off, and repair any dripping faucets. That not only prevents the energetic drain of cash, but also that drain on the physical plane (do you know how fast your water bill goes up with that tiny little drip?)

So control the energy. Do the cures.

And don’t let your money go down the drain….






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