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With  Valentine’s day almost upon us, I thought it might be fun to talk a bit about palmistry and the “Language of Love”.

Did you know that different shapes of palms indicate different personality types? And that those different personalities have different ways to indicate they care?

It’s true.

Palms come in square, round, conical (wide at the base, tapering to the fingers), and spatulate ( narrow at the base and widening as we approach the fingers)

The person with the square palm is very practical and grounded. He believes in what he can see and touch, and may not believe in psychic ability unless he’s had proof.

In love, square palm folks don’t say “I love you” frequently. Instead, they’ll make you soup when you’re sick, tune up your car’s brakes so you’re safe and drive 300 miles at 2 a.m. to pick you up if your car dies. With them, they say “I love you” in actions, not words.

Folks with round palms are loving , caring  “people” people.

When it comes to love, while the square palm person will make you soup and bring it to you when you’re sick, the round palms person will feed it to you if you need help, and wipe your forehead with a cool cloth. The round palm person will also say “I love you.” A lot.

People with conical palms are visionaries. Wonderful ideas, but, unless they have other elements that ground them, not always practical.

In love, the conical palm person may make extravagant gestures of love like no other lover has through history….

Or he may forget that it’s Valentine’s Day.

People with spatulate hands are creative. They are makers, inventors, scientists, explorers, artists or artisans.

In love, the spatulate hand will come up with amazing, creative ways to tell you that  she cares. She’ll tend to let her actions do the talking.

 Different types of palms. Different types of people. And lots of different ways to say “I love you”

And that makes the world a more wonderful place :)…

We’ve just scratched on the subject of palms here. If you’d like to learn more about the palms and what they can tell you, check out “Adventures in Palmistry”

Happy Valentines’ day to you all






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