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“There seems to be so much more winter than we need this year”

Kathleen Norris

Bread Into Roses




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Last time, I talked about Kaizen-taking baby steps in the direction of your dream.

Maybe , though, you think that you can’t accomplish your dreams at all.

Maybe you question whether you can make a difference…..

You can, you know.

When you bring your heart, your soul, your spirit, your time, your attention, your love to something, amazing things can happen.

Check it out…

And think about what you want to give your future to…






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In addition to the clear Quartz, you may want to augment the wards with other stones.
Black Tourmaline
Smokey Quartz
Blue Kyanite
Jet & Amber together
These act to ground out negative energy, with the exception of the Jet/Amber combination which converts negative energy to positive.
                                                  Till next time





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So we want to improve ourselves and our lives –

To grow,

To learn,

To make the world around us better place,

But we find it’s hard to get started – to get off of our posteriors and make things happen.

It’s that darn resistance…..

(Remember? We talked about resistance in a previous post.)

So how do we deal with that? How do we keep resistance from shooting our dreams down in flames?

Well, one way, when faced with the Dragons of Resistance, is just…don’t…wake…the…dragons…up….

Kaizen to the rescue!

What’s Kaizen?

Kaizen is a Japanese business principle which also happens to work wonderfully on personal goals as well.

How’s it work? Well, the basic philosophy is to break your goals down to the largest step that you’re willing and able to start on now…

Why small? Well, the bigger a goal is , the more likely it is to trigger resistance. Smaller goals are more likely to move in under the radar without activating resistance, while still moving you in the direction of your dreams.

Why now? Because if you act when you first have the idea, you have the energy of excitement, which can help you get places. The longer you wait, the more likely resistance is to rear its  ugly head.

And why the biggest step you’ll start on now? Because different people have different thresholds of comfort. If you chose a step that’s big enough to trigger resistance, it can slow down or stop you. If you chose a step that’s smaller than you need, you’re wasting your momentum.

If you set a goal, and you find yourself struggling to get going, that’s a cue that you need to break the goal down smaller.

So, for instance, if your goal is to clean and reorganize your home so you’re comfortable having your friends come and visit (social networks are important and fun, too.), maybe you resolve to start by decluttering your living room.

If you find you somehow can’t get started ( and you know you truly want visitors), you may want to chunk this down and start by clearing 1/4 of the room.

If that doesn’t work, maybe you start by clearing the coffee table…

Sometimes, the goals get down to what seems like absurd levels. Like maybe you stand in the doorway to the room, look in, then withdraw to the kitchen for some coffee…

But the fact is that, in a goal that triggers resistance at such a high level, completing even a tiny step in the right direction can both relax the resistance slightly and  give you a burst of energy to go further.

So then you set another step – the biggest one you will start on immediately without triggering resistance.

Baby steps towards your bliss.

So, what’s your next baby step?…..

More change coming






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“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”

Eleanor Roosevelt





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We’ve been talking about New Year’s resolutions and about making changes in ourselves to make our lives better.

(By the by, did you realize that you can start a new year and make a resolution to change your life at any time you like? Mind-blowing, that.)

We’d all like to be healthier/wiser/more prosperous/ more successful/ more whatever our heart calls us to –

But, for the majority of us, change is hard.

Remember your high school physics?

A body in movement tends to remain in movement, and a body at rest tends to remain at rest unless acted on by an irresistible force….

And, since most of us don’t have that irresistible force in our area, while we have good intentions, we tend to fall back into our old patterns (many of us around this time in January…)

Going back to the physics analogy, to get our bodies at rest into motion, we need to find a way to overcome resistance…

Resistance that comes

  • from old habits;
  • from temptation;
  • from inertia:
  • from the expectations of others;
  • from fear of change;
  • from fear of failure;
  • from fear of success;

and from any other really good reasons we have lying around the house.

There are always lots of perfectly good reasons to stay in the life style we’ve currently achieved. Unfortunately, if we want to learn, grow, and have the potential of a better life, we have to kick those perfectly good reasons to the curb and find the way to get past the Dragons of Inertia….

So lets look at that…

The adventure continues ahead…






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Hi there

Do you like quotes? I do.

Not every quote, but there are a lot of them that hit me right where I live.

Some inspire me. Some make me laugh. Some show me that people who have accomplished astounding things have still wrestled with many of the same concerns and issues that I have (and if someone that amazing can still have doubts, challenges or a sense of humor, it kind of tells me that there’s hope for us all to be equally amazing).

When I was working out of an agency cubicle, I’d make easels out of paper clips to post a rotating series of quote cards to remind me to be strong, creative, extraordinary or whatever else I needed to be inspired to aspire to.

If you’ve been reading us for awhile, I hope you know that we try to give you the tools you need to follow your dreams. In an effort to make this blog an even higher quality experience, I’m going to start adding a weekly quote for you. Some of them may relate to our current posts, and some may not, but I’m hoping that you’ll find inspiration and hope for your journey of exploration in them.

Watch this space for your Monday Inspiration.

See you soon






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To make the circle permanent you will need “repeaters” to keep it up.  The best one’s that I have found are double terminated Quartz crystals. You can bury them if outside or, if inside, mount them in the wooden candle cups, the kind you find in craft stores.
                                                   Till next time





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Many New Years’ resolutions are based on good intentions or trying to live up to what other people tell us we should want to do. We’re more than half way through January, and this is the point in time when many of such resolutions start to unravel.

Why is that?

For most of us, change (such as what we’re trying to accomplish with resolutions) is hard. It’s even harder when the change is something that (deep down) is not as motivating to us as not changing.

So, for many folks, there are two things that motivate us to true, long range change –



Following your Life Mission.

Want to build resolutions or goals with staying power?

Then you might want to be looking to your Life Mission for ideas….

As you may have heard me say before, I believe that everybody has a Life Mission. Something that he or she brings to the party of Life that no one else can bring.

And you know your Life Mission when you find it, because it’s about what sings in your soul.

This doesn’t mean that goals and changes connected with our Life Mission are always easy.

It does mean that goals based on the expectations of others tend to fall apart. And that goals that move us towards our own personal Life Missions have power and strength and energy and are more likely to come to fruition.

So, knowing that, if you want real change, you need to give ourself a good motivation to make things happen.

And if the choice is between pain and my true calling, I know which I’ll chose…

Want to learn more about finding your Life Mission?

Check out these articles  from our blog

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Your Life Mission -The Name of the Game

Your Life Mission -Now That I’ve Got It, What Do I Do With It?

And give yourself the tools to make your life better






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Another way of setting resolutions that work for you is working backwards.

So, send the family to the movies, take the phone off the hook, put on some soothing background music, set yourself in a comfortable chair with your arms and legs uncrossed and comfortably positioned, close your eyes and reach out….

Who do you want to be in a year?

What do you want to learn or achieve?

What parts of your life could use some improvement?

If you could not fail, what would you do?

Just let your spirit relax,and dream…..

And when you’ve dreamed awhile, open your eyes and take some notes.

When  doing this, it’s important not to fall into the trap of chosing things that you’re “supposed to want”;

Those may not be your things.

It’s also important to let yourself be free to dream, as opposed to “being sensible about things”:

While you may have sensible dreams, many times “being realistic” is how we kill our ability to do great things;

So write down the what – you can look at “how” you’re ging to get there later on; but you need the brainstorming/ connecting with your dreams part to be unlimiting.

Many of the most amazing things in the world started because people explored amazing dreams rather than “being reasonable”.

So who would you like to be?….






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