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It’s four more days to Christmas Eve, and unless you’ve gotten things all done in advance, your pace is probably accelerating.

It can be easy to succumb to holiday stress at this point, but stress is what can make you be unkind and uncaring to the folks you love and to yourself, and can spoil the joys of the season.

And that’s no fun. So we don’t want to go there.

In my last post(12/19/10), I listed four things that you can do to cut your holiday stress,  keep your center, and be in tune with the joys of the season.

 I also promised you more. And here they are…

5) NUTRITION – During the holidays, there’s a lot of cookies, party food and fruitcake available (amongst other things). While it’s lovely to indulge in holiday goodies, make sure you’re also getting fruit and veggies, balanced meals, and drink enough water, so holiday tummy doesn’t spoil your good times.

6) DO WHAT YOU LOVE Many times we get so busy doing for others that we forget to do the things that feed our spirits. Or worse, we put them aside because it’s all about caring for others…

But the holidays are about you too…

And doing the things that feed your spirit will actually give you what you need to do more things faster for others.

So be sure to take some time to drive around and look at lights, listen to holiday music, eat a candy cane, or whatever floats your boat.

Balance will lift your stress and let you give your love to others.

 7) CRANKY OR COLD MEANS SLOW DOWN – When we’re pulling together a collection of wonders for the holiday, it’s easy to over extend ourselves. We can do that a bit for the short time ( kinda like sprinting), bt if we do too much, our bodies will let us know. We start getting cold or flu symptoms, crave naps, or ache.

If you’re starting to feel creaky, you may need to slow down, lest you dive into a full-fledged flu or “case of the miseries” (either of which will spoil your holiday). Step back and look at your list. What needs to get done? What can be delegated? What can be scaled back (could you use ready-made cookie dough rather than make your own)? What would be nice but can  be done with out.

The folks that love you would rather have you healthy and happy for the holidays than have the perfect dinner…

8 )  ENJOY THE SEASON Finally, don’t get so tied up in “getting things done” that you forget to have fun. The season is supposed to be about Wonder and Spirit and Joy, and if we let the shopping and wrapping take over, we miss what the season has to give us.

So give yourself some time for joy and peace and caring and compassion…

And have a happy holiday






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