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And we continue on on the natures of obstacles – the ones that are sent to strengthen our resolve vs the ones to tell us “You’re on the wrong path.”

So how do we know which is which?

Well, first I listen to my gut instincts. If they’re saying “Oh no you didn’t…” to the block, it’s usually a good sign that this is a sign of challenge, not “turn back, Dorothy…”, so I do my best to try to keep going.

But what if I find myself questioning the quest I’m on?

Well, that’s a good reason to step back and evaluate, using both head and heart, for the logic of the head will help me find blind spots that may have previously escaped me, and the intuition of the heart will help me sort the challenging dreams from the “too-cussed-stubborn-to-quit” experiences.

I ask myself questions…

Questions like

  • Why do I want to achieve this (remember to do the repeated “why” we talked about in a previous post)?
  • Is this in keeping with my Life Mission?
  • Do I think that I want this when what I actually want is what I think this goal will bring me? If this is the case, is there a better way to get that attached aspect?
  • If I had a friend who wanted to do this, would I be cheering her on, or foaming the runways for the crash?
  • Do I have beliefs that are in conflict with this goal? Do I need to work on changing my beliefs before I can make my Dream happen? (EFT is very helpful for this)
  • Are issues with self-esteem getting in the way of my Dream (fear of failure, fear of success, worthiness, etc)? Do I need to work on myself first?
  • Do I have the right goal but I’m just trying to get there in an inefficient way? Am I pounding my head against a wall, when all I have to do is stop pounding, look, and walk around the end of the wall?
  • Do I need help? Do I need to get together with other folks to make this happen?
  • Is this a good Dream, but the timing’s not quite right?
  • Is there a better way to achieve what I’m trying to do?
  • Have I taken appropriate and productive action to make my Dream come true?
  • Have I tried energetic ways of supporting my goal ( manifestation, attraction, clearing negative energy, cleaning with intention,etc)?

It’s good to take some quiet time, free of distractions, and contemplate questions like this. ( Go ahead, lock yourself in the bathroom if you need to…) You can also try some form of divination, such as tarot or pendulum  dowsing or use the process of programming your dreams to give you answers to your questions that is detailed elsewhere in this blog. Questions and processes such as these can give you insight so you know whether it’s best to keep on going, chose a different route or revise your goals altogether to bring them into alignment into what you truly want.

And this can be just what you need…






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