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In my last post on meeting your blocks to manifestation, we talked about how problems with your self esteem can rise up and create blocks to manifesting what you want. How that Rotten Little Voice inside can tell you that you’re unworthy, that success is scary, that achieving your dream will just make you unhappy, that your success will hurt other people , and other lies that keep you trapped and unable to live your dreams.

We’ve talked about the Rotten Little Voice in other previous posts, but it also can pop up as an obstacle to maifesting your dreams.

So how can you silence that Rotten Little Voice? How can you improve your self -esteem so it will support you in manifesting your dreams?

Different people need different answers. Because of this, I’m offering an all-you-can-eat-buffet of solutions, so you can pick and chose and fill your plate with what serves you best.

Want some ideas? Try to:

  • Use affirmations to reprogram your unconscious beliefs:
  • Use E.F.T. (Emotional Fredom Technique) – a system of tapping on energy meridians combined with affirmations to clear stick negative beliefs:
  • Spend  more time with people who make you feel good about yourself, and less time with the “dream -killers” who put you down:
  • Use subliminal tapes to feed your unconscious positive feedback while you do other thinsg:
  • Use hypnosis or self-hypnosis to  change your habitual thought patterns;
  • Visualize yourself suceeding at your dream -include emotion, the five senses, you in the viualisation:
  • Spend times remembering the times that you have suceeded, big or small;
  • Do things that make you happy – its harder to put yourself down when you’re happy;
  • Feed your spirit positive things – read positive books, listen to positive music, etc. Limit your exposure to things that tell you that living your dreams is hard or will make you unhappy;
  • Do the gratitude dance – be thankful for the good things already in your life and the things that you have already achieved;
  • Look for role models who have succeeded in the area that you want to succeed in. Learn from them. If them, why not you?  (And if there are no role models in your area, why not you as the first?…)

These are just a few of many methods you can use to get your self -esteem up and dancing, and stop blocking yourself.

And make your dreams come true…

See you soon






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Warding is the theory and practice of Magickal defense. In this series of postings, I will outline how to protect your living and work spaces from intrusions both Magickal and Spiritual.

                                                    Till next time





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Hoping that everybody has a Happy Thanksgiving.






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Get ready, folks!

 This week, we have the labor and joy of Thanksgiving, and immediately afterwards, we’ll be diving head first into the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Be it Christmas, Yule, Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice or some other fine holiday that you and yours celebrate, the odds are that you are going to be busy ( unless you have a personal assistant that does the whole thing for you – and where’s the fun in that?…)

There’ll be meals to plan and cook, goodies to make, expeditions to stage, presents to be bought and loved ones to be cherished – and that’s only a starter list.

And while you’re bustling around, nurturing others, it’s a good idea to nurture yourself as well.

One idea? On Dec. 11, I’ll be holding my class on “a Taste of Tibet” from 2 -4 at Talisman in Monroe, Ct. And you can be part of it.

Sound and energy are perfect partners. In this class, I’ll present an overview of some traditional Tibetan ceremonial instruments (singing bowls, gantas or singing bells, and tingshas) and show you some interesting and practical ways to use them for energy work. If we have time, we’ll also play the instruments as a group. (If you have any of the above instruments, please bring them.)

The sounds of these instruments are soothing. My body feels better when I listen to or play a ganta or bowl. And if you’re coming down off some marathon shopping or jingling those bells, jingling these bells will help you find your center again and give you a better head space for tuning into the meaning of the season.

Plus it’s fun. So if you’re ready for fun, please come…

Interested? Then call the nice folks at Talisman at 203 -261-0047 to sign up

Jingle all the way…






Come prepared to learn something new and to have fun.

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And there’s still more to be said about the nature of obstacles.

And one of the biggest challenges can be your own self-esteem, and whether you have it or not.

There are many people who have a good dream, have the right dream for themselves, have a plan and support, and still crash and burn because their lack of self-esteem will not permit them to succeed even at something worthy..

So there are blocks in the road, and “co-incidences”, and challenges, and doubts, all in the service of keeping them safe by keeping them from doing something the unconscious thinks they will “surely fail at”.

Why would such a daft thing happen?

The unconscious with problem self-esteem may fear that you will fail and  tries to prevent you from being hurt by the process of failure,

Or feels that you are unworthy of success so it creates situations to cause you to fail.

Well, that’s no fun….

How can you tell if self-esteem problems are getting in the way of your dreams?

Here’s a few indicators:

  • Do you have an ongoing pattern of calling yourself names (“Stupid me!”) or making denigrating statements about yourself (“I’m so clumsy…”) ?
  • Do you have negative self talk (“You’ll never win”, “These bad things always happen to me”, “All  of the good ones are taken.”) on a regular basis?
  • Do you feel untalented or unskilled?
  • Do you feel unworthy(of health, wealth, happiness, success, love, etc.)?
  • Does the idea of achieving something amazing make you feel sick or afraid, without even a touch of excitement?
  • Would you support your dream if your friend wanted to do it, but feel that it’s impossible for you?

Things like these can be the tell tales of anemic self-esteem, and can indicate that you need to step back and examine whether you are your own best friend and loudest cheer leader –

And see if you believe in your own ability to make a dream come true…

( By the by, it’s perfectly fine to look at your dream and get anxious whether you can accomplish something so much bigger than you ever have before. It takes most of us work to expand our belief of what we are capable of.

But if you’re scared silly without any excitement, if you’re constantly putting on the brakes or “forgetting” to work on your dreams, even though you feel that this dream is something that should happen, then you may need to do some work on your self-esteem

On feeling capable of success

On feeling worthy of success.)

More on the way






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That concludes the Lunar phases. Next week I will start on Warding , defending  your space on a metaphysical level.






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And we continue on on the natures of obstacles – the ones that are sent to strengthen our resolve vs the ones to tell us “You’re on the wrong path.”

So how do we know which is which?

Well, first I listen to my gut instincts. If they’re saying “Oh no you didn’t…” to the block, it’s usually a good sign that this is a sign of challenge, not “turn back, Dorothy…”, so I do my best to try to keep going.

But what if I find myself questioning the quest I’m on?

Well, that’s a good reason to step back and evaluate, using both head and heart, for the logic of the head will help me find blind spots that may have previously escaped me, and the intuition of the heart will help me sort the challenging dreams from the “too-cussed-stubborn-to-quit” experiences.

I ask myself questions…

Questions like

  • Why do I want to achieve this (remember to do the repeated “why” we talked about in a previous post)?
  • Is this in keeping with my Life Mission?
  • Do I think that I want this when what I actually want is what I think this goal will bring me? If this is the case, is there a better way to get that attached aspect?
  • If I had a friend who wanted to do this, would I be cheering her on, or foaming the runways for the crash?
  • Do I have beliefs that are in conflict with this goal? Do I need to work on changing my beliefs before I can make my Dream happen? (EFT is very helpful for this)
  • Are issues with self-esteem getting in the way of my Dream (fear of failure, fear of success, worthiness, etc)? Do I need to work on myself first?
  • Do I have the right goal but I’m just trying to get there in an inefficient way? Am I pounding my head against a wall, when all I have to do is stop pounding, look, and walk around the end of the wall?
  • Do I need help? Do I need to get together with other folks to make this happen?
  • Is this a good Dream, but the timing’s not quite right?
  • Is there a better way to achieve what I’m trying to do?
  • Have I taken appropriate and productive action to make my Dream come true?
  • Have I tried energetic ways of supporting my goal ( manifestation, attraction, clearing negative energy, cleaning with intention,etc)?

It’s good to take some quiet time, free of distractions, and contemplate questions like this. ( Go ahead, lock yourself in the bathroom if you need to…) You can also try some form of divination, such as tarot or pendulum  dowsing or use the process of programming your dreams to give you answers to your questions that is detailed elsewhere in this blog. Questions and processes such as these can give you insight so you know whether it’s best to keep on going, chose a different route or revise your goals altogether to bring them into alignment into what you truly want.

And this can be just what you need…






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Following the Full Moon, the Moon enters the “Waning Phase”. This is the best time for spells of Banishing and Binding as well as for contacting the darker aspects of the Goddess and the God.
                                                     Till next time





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Tomorrow is the opening day for Changing Times, Changing Worlds – an ecumenical, esoteric metaphysical extravaganza in Northampton, Ma.

And the psychics of Foresight will be there with bells on!

(Although not literally. There will be a Morris dancing group there and we’ll leave the literal bells up to them :-)….)

Starwolf will be teaching

  • Warding
  • Wyrd Science

He’ll be on panels for

  • Ethical Issues for Pagan Clergy
  • Indigeny, Paganism and Social Change
  • The Role of the Clergy in Paganism
  • Shamans – the Many Faces of Shamanism

I’ll be teaching

  • Clearing and Releasing Negative Programs
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Introduction to Palmistry
  • Manifesting Prosperity
  • Reiki –  It’s Not Just for Healing Anymore
  • A Touch of Accupressure

I’ll be on panels for

  • Heal Thyself (why healers are better at helping others than they are at helping themselves)
  • Money and Metaphysics
  • The Role of the Clergy in Paganism

Plus, I’m going to do my first book signing for “Adventures in Palmistry”.

Now, that’s a lotta good stuff right there….

But that’s only scraping the surface of what this conference has to offer.

124 hours of amazing classes and panels on topics in metaphysics, spirituality, personal growth and alternative healing.

Book signings  by a wide range of authors

Vendors (and who doesn’t love the metaphysical shopping :-)?….)

And some of the most interesting people you’ll ever get the chance to meet.

It’s not too late.

Drop everything (well, not your baby …) and head for Changing Times, Changing Worlds.

It’s going to be an excellent weekend…

And it’ll be even better if you’re there…..






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We’ve been talking about obstacles in the path to your Dreams – how some are there to strengthen us and test our resolve and others are there to tell us that we are on the wrong path (whether heading towards the wrong dream or taking the wrong route to get there.)

And interestingly, as we’ve been doing so, life has been imitating art  for me…

As many of you who come here know, I’ve been working on self publishing my first book “Adventures in Palmistry”.

I’d been noodling around on it- tweaking words, editing and re-editing, putting in a lot of effort but not really moving forwards.

I have two friends who are runnning their first convention this coming weekend ( Changing Times, Changing Worlds). Starwolf and I are going to be teaching at this convention.

I saw my friend at an event at the beginning of the summer.

“It’s a pity that you can’t have your book out by the convention” she said.

And suddenly, a little voice in my head said “You just watch me….”

I buckled down hard on this. I stopped playing at editing, and really worked at it. And I had my manuscript ready to go by the end of July ( just after my birthday….).

It seemed like I had plenty of time…

But once I got into the self- publishing process, problems started to crop up.

New technological tasks I needed to learn (and I am not terribly tech savvy..),

Problems with formatting and transferring into a PDF,

Delays in getting information,

Rewrites to fit the publication criteria,

And though it all, the clock kept ticking……


Each time I finished a step, I felt the enomrmous relief  “There, that’s finally done!”

Every time another problem popped up, my heart sank, my stomach churned and I felt “Oh no, not again…”

At many times during this process, I even questioned whether I’d even get the book finished and published in time for Changing Times, Changing Worlds….

And here’s the useful point-

Every step along the way, there was a certain amount of fear and apprehension (Will I finish on time?…)

And every step, after that inital flash, I felt my spirit say “This won’t stop us!…”

And I buckled down once more.

One way to tell that these challenges were here to test my resolve was that “Oh, no you didn’t…” response.

I’m pleased to announce that “Adventures in Palmistry” has officially been published on Lulu.com.

And I have my first book signing at Changing Times, Changing Worlds this very weekend.

More information on facing those challenges is coming






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