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We’ve been talking about blocks that pop up in the path of manifesting what we want. Sometimes these blocks are there to test our commitment to our Dreams, or to develop the strength or other skills we need to achieve what we want (kinda like an exercise program with weights, no?)

But what causes these blocks? Why might we even create blocks?

There are a number of options here….

First, we might need to take a step back and figure out if what we’re asking for is really what we want.

Many times, we think we want a certain item, when what we actually want is something we  believe that item will bring us ( for instance, the person who thinks he wants a sports car, when what he actually wants is to feel young and attractive.)

Second, we can look at whether we have beliefs (conscious or unconscious) that are in conflict with what we’re asking for.

Like “All of the good men are taken.” or “Rich people are unhappy.”

Third, we may need to check if we are being too attached to getting what we’re asking for in a particular way, and ruling out other ways for it to arrive.

Like the person that is so attached to winning the Lottery that he closes out the possibility of writing a best-selling book.

Tunnel vision, contradictory beliefs and mistaking what one really wants are three causes for blocks to manifesting things that are on your path.

And there are ways of overcoming these obstacles…

More on the way…






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