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As the moon leaves New, it enters the Waxing Phase . This is the best time for spells involving  New Beginnings, Growth, and Healing . (Note – in an emergency, you can cast a spell in ANY phase of the Moon, but it is better to have the cosmos behind you pushing).
                                                       Till next time

                                                       AND Hapy SAMHAIN




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Halloween is full of treats.

And there should be treats for grown-ups too…

Catherine will be found from 10 – 6 on Halloween at the Halloween 2010 Psychic Fair by A Healing Hand in Shelton, Ct.

Lots of goodies for adults and kiddies…

Energy healers and massage…

Metaphysical vendors….

Door prizes…

And a wide variety of psychic readers….

Including me.

Treat yourself nice for Halloween. Stop by and have a reading, and enjoy all of the things this fair has to offer.

No tricks….

Want more information? Check out A Healing Hand






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We’ve  been talking about blocks.

What causes them…

How to overcome them…

And then something timely appears in my Inbox :-).

This must be my time for video….

Be aware-Andy Dooley is loud and boisterous. He’s also fun and has something very useful to say.

Watch here

Once you’ve watched,

What do you think?….

PS When you’re on the right vibration, many times things will just randomly “pop up!” that apply to your situation….

Sorta like this video….






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As we bid farewell to Connecticut Renaissance Faire, new adventures loom ahead of us.

On Saturday, October 30, the psychics of Foresight will be at the New York Witch Festival in Smithtown, New York.

And this is an event you’ll want to see.

There’ll be lots of treats for all of us…

There’ll be workshops and author signings by notable figures in the craft, such as Oberon Zell Ravenheart. There’ll be entertainment. There’ll be projects by organizations such as Running With the Wolves and a Pagan Troop donation drive collecting supplies for our pagan soldiers stationed overseas. There’ll be lots of vendors. (Here’s your chance to get a start on your holiday shopping.)

And, there’ll be psychic readers. Including us. We’d love the chance to start your holiday weekend off right with a quality reading from Foresight…

Treat yourself right – join us at the New York Witch Festival this Saturday from 9-5.






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New Moon.
 The beginning of the lunar cycle is the dark or “new” moon . Symbolically it represents the depths of the night and the mysteries of what lies beyond death. 
It is the best time for contacting the spirits of the dead and journeying into the underworld.
                                                    Until next time.




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My previous post gave you an update on what’s on the horizon for CTRF this weekend;

And then…. I got a treat in my mail.

 I was raised to share .

It’s the Halloween season…

And the season for Connecticut Renaissance Faire…

So here’s a little holiday treat for you in honor of both,                                    ( just because we like you…)

Click here….

Once you’ve checked it out, would you like to see the real thing?

Come party with  the zombies on Saturday evening at CTRF

We’ll be there too. And we’d love to see you…






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It’s all too easy for your life to fill up with chores and obligations and bookkeeping and busy work…………..

But every life needs a touch of fantasy. And it’s not too late for you to find yours….

There’s one more weekend left of Connecticut Renaissance Faire before it retreats into the Otherworld until spring.

This Saturday heralds the return of Halloween Knight – the wonders of CTRF from 10-6, then 2 more haunted hours from 6-8 with safe trick or treat, zombies, costumes and a joust with flaming weapons (the extra hours at no additional cost to you – because CTRF wants only the best for you).

And Sunday (10-6) is bring your pet to CTRF day (fun for four-legged “kids” as well as two-legged ones).

All the fun of the faire (adventure, entertainment, food, shopping) plus theme events specially for you….

Like the psychics of Foresight. At your service…

Want more information?



And don’t miss the final huzzah (for this year) of Connecticut Renaissance Faire….






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We’ve been talking about blocks to manifestation. About how some of them are sent to test our resolve, while some of them are indications that we’re on the wrong path.

One of the reasons we may find manifestation blocks is because we’re trying to manifest one thing when we really want/ need  another.

Like the guy who tries to manifest a sports car when what he really wants is to feel young and desirable.

Or the woman who tries to manifest a romantic partner when what she really wants is to feel good about herself – a feeling that she believes external validation will give her.

When this happens, often manifestation will grind to a halt;

Or worse, the person will manifest what he asked for only to find that it makes him unhappy(the insurance on the sports car and the high maintenance spouse being two examples..).

So how do we overcome this kind of block?

We ask ourself the magic question –

“Why do I want this?”

( My husband says that “Why” is my favorite word :-)…..)

Why does one want to manifest a lottery win?

Because you’d like to have a lot of money.

Why do you want that?

Because enough money would let you quit your job and spend more time doing the things you love.

Why do you want that?

Because you love doing those things but don’t have enough time to do them right now.

So, at that point, a lottery win is nice, and money would be welcome, but what you really need to be focusing on is manifesting the freedom, time and energy to do the things you love.

And a lottery win is only one possible way this could happen…

See how that works?

Many times, you’ll find that the “Why” boils down to a feeling or state of being, such as status, self-esteem, freedom or safety.

Not always though. The guy who’s trying to manifest a car may really need it ( although what he needs may be reliable transformation, as opposed to a specific SUV).

They say that when you’re climbing the ladder of success, it’s important to be sure that your ladder is leaning against the right wall. In manifestation, lean that ladder to the proper side, and watch this kind of obstacle melt away…

We’ll be looking at other blocks on the road ahead…






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Having dealt with the seasonal holidays, my next posts will deal with the cycles of  the Moon and their importance to the Craft.

                                                      Till next week




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There’s been three weekends of medieval festivities and now the Connecticut Renaissance Faire enters the haunted time of the year.

It’s a were-faire! By day, the regular renaissance faire that we all know and love, and by night, something….darker….

On the next two Saturdays of CTRF, the faire will be open for two extra hours on Saturday nights (at no extra charge to you, our beloved patrons…).

During these hours, you’ll see

  • Safe Trick or Treat for the little ones;
  • A costume contest where you can show off your best look;


  • Halloween Knight where three unholy terrors compete for the right to escape from Limbo;

Plus all of the wonders traditionally found at Connecticut Renaissance Faire,

Including the psychics of Foresight, of course.

For more information about this very special event, please click here

The veils between the worlds are growing thinner. If you’ve ever wanted to have a reading in the enchanted end of the year, here’s your chance…

We’ll be looking out for you….






PS Find us on Ironside Road, kitty-corner from the Merriment Stage (or under the giant swingset, as they say…)

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