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We’ve done a lot of talking on this blog about manifesting things we want. About how if we chose an objective, focus our energy and clear or avoid beliefs that limit us, amazing things can happen.

And the things we chose come into our lives in amazing ways.

Sometimes, that’s all you need to do. But sometimes it’s not.

Sometimes you set your focus and things start to happen, and suddenly obstacles start to pop up.

Signs and portents, such as “Detour”, “Stop”, “No Entrance”, or “Authorized Personnel Only”…

So what’s up with that?

Some things are easy to manifest. And oddly enough, that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with how big or small they are. (All other things being equal, a house is as easy to manifest as a parking space….)

But sometimes, we’ll start to manifest something only to find that we start to encounter obstacles/challenges/bumps in the road. This seems to happen more frequently when we’re working on goals concerning who we want to be, as opposed to things we want to have.

Now opposition can sometimes mean that we’re headed in the wrong direction; but often challenges such as these are obstacles sent to test our resolve. It’s very like the story seen in fairy tales or on the classic Hero’s Quest – the bottomless gorge or shadow knight or unsolvable puzzle are there to determine whether you will truly hang onto that Dream, and find in yourself what it needs from you.

Passing the test shows that you are worthy to live the Dream. Passing the test makes you stronger/wiser/more compassionate in order to live the Dream. Passing the test will strengthen your commitment to your Dream.

Many times, manifestation is breathtakingly easy. But sometimes, when you want something big (such as to live your Life Mission), you’ll need to look the Dragon in the eye and kick his posterior off of your path to show that this is what you really are committed to.

You overcome your challenge, doing 7% of the process and showing that you are resolved to have your Dream. In response, the Universe does 93% and brings your Dream to you.

Manifestation is easy…

And often our experience of it will be easy…

And sometimes, it will be more challenging. To strengthen our commitment to our path. To clarify whether this path is really the one we want. To prove to ourselves and the Universe that this is where we want to go.

So, how do you know if an obstacle is a test or a sign that you’re on the wrong path?

More signs coming….






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