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Back at the end of August, I mentioned that I was working on the editing of the manuscript for my first book “Adventures in Palmistry”.

This book is a combination of a 52 chapter course on the system I use for reading palms,  stories from my 40 years in palmistry, and a variety of additional “hand notes” of information about palms not previously released in print. It’s based on my live and on-line classes that make learning to read palms easy and fun.

For those of you who follow these things, I’m tickled to say that the primary editing is complete!(thank goodness!) and the manuscript is off to the printer for their attentions.

I invite you to do the “Thank-Heavens-the-major-editing-process-is-over-and-now-I-can-get-back-to other-things-like-writing” dance with me.

(Cue theme music….)

True enough, I’ve still got the cover copy and layout to complete, but that’s still easier than the 352 page manuscript.

Just wanted to share my happy with you 🙂

See you soon






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