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Doing dream work to tap into your inner wisdom or for manifestation? Here’s another quick tip.

You’re having one of those important dreams…

You know, the one that holds the missing piece of information you need that’s been hiding out in your subconscious or in the Cosm that lies beyond…

You’re just about to see the answer……



Then the alarm rings. The dog jumps on the bed. You get a cramp in your calf.

And the dream slips out of your grasp.

Don’t panic.

Get up, turn off the alarm, visit the facilities and do whatever else needs doing immediately.

Try not to talk or think too much. The more you can stay in that half-awake state, the easier it’ll be to return to the dream.

As soon as you can, return to bed. Many times lying in the same position you woke up in can be helpful.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and relax your muscles. Cast your mind to the last bit of the dream that you remember. And set your intent to continue the dream from where you left off…

Most of all, don’t panic. Relax. Don’t force it-let it. The adrenalin of trying too hard is in direct conflict with reaching the dream state.

So let go and let it flow…

If you don’t go back within 15-20 minutes, get up and do something else for a while. Then try again later. This lets your mind sneak up on the dream if it’s playing coy.

And know that you’ll get there.

Want more info on interpreting your dreams and actively working with them? We’ve got a whole series on dream work waiting for you in posts from October to December of 2009.(Check the category “Dreams”)

Sweet dreams






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