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We’ve  talked about how our beliefs, conscious and unconscious, shape our world and manifest experiences that support those beliefs.

We’ve talked about ways to change those beliefs, such as affirmations, setting an intention, and telling ourselves better stories through positive self talk.

Let’s take a deeper look at self talk.

Some self talk comes from other folks, like our family and friends. Even if they care for us, they may see us in ways that limit us or undermine our best lives.  (For instance “Your brother’s the smart one.”)

Some self talk comes from ourselves –  from lessons we have chosen to learn from our experiences. These lessons may be one way of finding meaning in those experiences, but not be the interpretation that supports us in having our most happy, prosperous lives. There may be better lessons to take away from these experiences than the beliefs we absorbed. (For instance, after the end of a bad romance, do we believe “All men are jerks.” or ” I need to chose a relationship with someone who treats me with respect.” ?)

Either way, we internalize these beliefs and they create our self talk –  the stories that we tell ourselves. As we pass through life, our beliefs create on-going self talk, that runs constantly like the theme music of our lives. The beliefs and self-talk manifest experiences that support those beliefs. The beliefs/self-talk  also shape our attention to focus on things that support those beliefs.

Which strengthen those beliefs.

Which manifest more evidence.

It’s a constant, self-feeding spiral, whether for good or ill …

Fortunately, that can work for us as well as against us.

Our beliefs can shape our self-talk. Our self-talk can also shape our beliefs.

Start listening to the things you tell yourself about yourself and the world around you.

Then think about whether there’s a better  story you could tell yourself.

You don’t have to constantly monitor yourself or make a total change to your self-talk all at once.

Even a small change can make a major difference.

And I’ll be giving you examples in the next post on the Power of Words

See you then






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