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Now, I’m not claiming to be particularly wise.

Practical, mostly…

Fairly well-informed, probably….

But wise is something that I’m still working on here.

(It’s good to have goals.)

And looking both at folks far wiser than I am yet and at myself, one of the biggest pitfalls I find is this –

We know what to do and yet we do not do it!

We have the power to heal ourselves in body, mind and spirit…

Make our days go smoothly…..

Manifest abundance, joy and serendipity…

And still we do not do it!

Now what’s up with that?

I call it “the foolishness of the Wise”. It’s that phenomenon where you have all the knowledge you need to succeed, but can’t or won’t or just forget to use it on your own behalf. Where you know better, but still you mess up, over things that you could easily overcome.

The fact that even the Wise are not proof against their own folly….

And you know what? This seems to be a very human condition, one that stretches across all types of folks.

A Universal Foolishness….

So what do we do about this? How can we stop shooting ourselves in the foot? Running ourselves through the same wringer? Making the same mistakes when we have the tools to transcend?

What do you think?

One way is on the way…






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As I’ve mentioned previously in this blog, I’m currently in the process of editing the manuscript of “Adventures in Palmistry” for self-publication. I’ve formatted and reformatted, proofed for typos and grammar, learned technical stuff about inserting headers and section breaks, and even written new material for the book.

Writing fun!

Self-publishing fun!

Editing,  not quite as fun….

But still cool…

But as I’m finishing the editing for “Adventures in Palmistry”, I’m also starting the planning for another book – one on how to survive and thrive as a psychic empath.

So I’d like your input.

If you’re a psychic empath….

If you think you might be a psychic empath…

If you live with or work with or love a psychic empath..

What would you like to see in a book about this?

I’ve got a lot of practical information the subject, but hearing from other people can help me do a better job of covering what folks need to know.

So your input could make this a better book.

Wanna help? Post a comment here or email me with your questions and suggestions at we_are_foresight@yahoo.com .

And thank you for your support.






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The next holiday is Candlemass :
  It is celebrated on Feb 2.
It symbolises the “return of the Light” . The period of daylight  (which has been growing since the Solstice is now of a notable length.
                                                      Till next time:





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We’ve talked about intention to overcome resistance. (See ” The Power of Words – Resistance is Futile! “)

We’ve talked about intention to set the tone for your day. ( See ” An Intention Experiment “)

But, did you know that you can set an intention at any time of day or night?

An intention for a bill payment to arrive on time…

An intention to find the perfect birthday gift during your shopping today…

An intention to find the misplaced piece of documentation that you need by the end of the week….

There are lots of ways to use intention to make your life better and more fun.

For instance, one of the things I use intention for is getting good parking spots at the mall.

This weekend, we had a very full agenda. Indeed, my mind was going six different ways at once, and it was only when we turned down the aisle at the mall that I realized that I hadn’t set a parking spot intention yet.

As  Starwolf drove, I hastily started to set an intention for a parking spot close to the store we were going to.

And , before I even finished the intention, a car pulled out of the third spot from the entrance…

I looked at Starwolf. He looked at me.

“That’s impressive, even for you” he said as he pulled into the spot.

Now, setting an intention is not an absolute guarantee of success. But it does seem to tilt the odds rather significantly in the direction of what you’re looking for.

As long as you’re being ethical and not interfering with the Free Will of others, you can get some startlingly interesting results. ( For more info on metaphysical ethics, please check out the blog category “Ethics”.)

So, what are you planning on intending today?






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Yule is celebrated on or about the 21st of December, the shortest day in the year.  As the Wheel of the Year is a cycle instead of a line, it is both the last and the first day of the ritual year.  Symbolically it is the time of the Death and Rebirth of the Sun, when the world holds its breath  waiting to see if the Sun will rise at dawn or if eternal night will rule.

                                                      Till next time





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The summertime’s not over yet, and we’ve still got time.

Time for traveling…

Time for meeting interesting people…

Time for trying new and different things…

And Foresight has another great event for you!

On August 28, at the VFW at 152 Massirio Dr, Berlin, Ct, it’s the 2010 Connecticut Pagan Pride Day!

They’ll have classes  and other events. (Catherine will be teaching “Symbols in Magick”  and an exercise in collaborative storytelling  in regards to the Oral tradition).

There’ll be lots of fine vendors ( including the psychics of Foresight).

And instead of admission, they’re asking for donations of:

  • non-perishable food for the local food bank;
  • blankets, towels, pet food or toys for the Connecticut Humane Society;
  • new or gently used pagan items for soldiers stationed overseas (no candles or items with open flames, please);

So this is another chance to make the world better, learn interesting things, meet new people and have fun all at the same time and place. And how enlightened is that?

If you want more information, please check out www.facebook.com/pages/Connecticut-Pagan-Pride/110582388967451?ref=ts

And come see us at Connecticut Pagan Pride day






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We’ve talked about using the practice of intention to overcome resistance to manifesting the things you want .

(Like a refresher? Check out “The Power of Words- Resistance is Futile!”)

But intention is not just for formal excursions in manifestation.

Have you considered using intention everyday? Using it to improve the overall quality of your life?

Try this.

When you wake up in the morning, before you get out of bed, stop and set an intention….

Like “It is my intention that I accomplish all of the things on my to-do list today easily and joyously”…

Or “It is my intention that today I make the connections I need to accomplish my next goal”….

Or “It is my intention that today I am full of energy and health”…..

Then see what happens.

Today, I set an intention for a day with  delightful surprises.

While I was at Whole Foods, the woman who waited on me started a wonderful conversation out of the blue.

She also gave me a gourmet chocolate. (This was not a sample situation and had never happened before.)

At my next stop, I came around a corner and came across an old friend I hadn’t seen for years.


What’s even more interesting to me is the concept that metaphysical manifestation is not just for special occasions, like manifesting a new house or a new job…

That manifestation can be used everyday for the small things to make your life better.

So what are you going to intend today?






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Next, the Wheel of the Year :
1: Yule, on or about the 21st of Dec – The Winter Solstice
2: Candlemas, Feb 2nd
3 : Ostarra, on or about Mar. 21st – Spring Equinox
4: Beltaine, May 1st
5: Midsummer, on or about June 2nd – Summer Solstice
6: Lughsana, Aug 2nd
7: First day of Fall , on or about Sept 21st – Fall Equinox
8: Samhain, Oct 31st.

                                                       Till Next Time




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It’s summertime; a time for traveling to different places, meeting interesting people and trying new things –

And have I got a great event for you!

On Sunday, August 22, the psychics of Foresight will be doing readings from 10-6 at Rhode Island Pagan Pride Day at the Johnston War Memorial Park, 1583 Hartford Ave., Route 6, in Johnston, R.I.

This is going to be a great event, folks.

It has workshops and other events. It has live performances. It has great shopping.

And it has psychics. Including us 😉 . (We’ll be located in the psychic’s hut. How picturesque!) 

It also has a non-perishable food drive for the Rhode Island Food bank and a blood drive from 10-3. So you can make the world a better place and also have a great time in one stop.

Which is terribly convenient, no?

This is an amazing amount of good times , good things  and good people all gathered in one place. It could be a wonderful addition to your special summer.

We hope to see you at Rhode Island Pagan Pride Day.






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Your home is your castle, and, just as it’s wise to energetically shield your personal energy field, it’s also a good idea to protect your home from possible negative influences. Wards are items and techniques that you can use to set firm energetic boundaries around your home, office or other personal areas to keep good energy in, keep negative or uninvited energy out, and make your space truly your space.

Starwolf”s class includes a wide variety of options and has something for everyone, whether you’re just starting out or have some experience in warding.Come learn some useful skills that you can use right away.

I’m a pretty sensitive psychic and empath. I can tell you from experience that there’s a noticable positive difference between an unwarded area and one that’s been properly warded. Being constantly exposed to every type of energy that happens by can be stressful, exhausting, and have a negative effect on your health and well-being. For the metaphysically aware, wards can make a personal area that is clear of these outside energies, and that’s really positive and supportive.

You’ll be relieved from all of those energies  pounding on you. You’ll feel better. And that’s a great thing.

If you don’t know how to ward, you need to learn. And you can learn here.

And if you do know about warding, Starwolf may have some new twists that you haven’t run across yet….

Starwolf’s class on warding will take place on August 14, this Saturday from 3-5 at Talisman (www.talismanct.com )  in Monroe, Ct. At $20, it’s quite a bargain. If this is the class for you, call 203-261-0047  to claim your seat.






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