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We’ve talked about beliefs and how they shape the world around us and the way we interact with that world.

We’ve talked about using words in affirmations to transform those beliefs and therefore what we create for ourselves.

We’ve talked about resistance, and how using the power of intention can avoid resistence sabotaging us.

Now, let’s talk about another way to  use the power of words to make our worlds better….

The choice to tell ourselves Better Stories….

Back on 6/15/10 ,  I touched on this in “The Power of Words-Caught In Your Own Trap”, but it’s a really powerful technique, so I’d really like to go into it a bit more.

We all have beliefs about ourselves  – that we are smart, or cute , or clumsy. Some of these beliefs are taught to us by others and some are things we teach ourselves, usually in response to our experience.

Are these beliefs true?

Well, yes , they are – and no, they’re not.

If you’re raised to think of yourself as the “pretty one” in your family, as opposed to the “smart one”, you’ll approach the world as the “pretty one” and the nature of reality will tend to adjust itself to that belief.

Ever hear “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”? This is one reason why that can happen.

Furthermore, we reinforce this shaping of reality by the stories  we tell ourselves.

We all go around with an inner monologue that says “I’m so clumsy”, “I’m the smart one, not the pretty one.” or “I’m  shy”. This is called “self-talk”; and the stories we tell ourselves, whether in our heads or out  loud keep us locked into the realities that we believe and manifest the proof to support those beliefs.

For instance, go on a shopping spree, then grin and tell your friends “I can never hold onto my money.”

Now the truth is that anyone can save or spend. Neither choice is impossible. But tell yourself that you can’t enough and that’s who you’ll believe yourself to be. Not only will you constantly spend what ever you make (beliefs acting psychologically) but you’ll find financial emergencies like car repairs popping up whenever you manage to put some money by (beliefs acting metaphysically).

This can mess with your life.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that beliefs can be changed.

You can choose to be the “smart one” as opposed to the “pretty one”. Better yet, you can choose to be the “smart one” and the “pretty one”….


And you can start by changing your self talk…

By telling yourself better stories…

More self-talk on the way….






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