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In the last post, we talked about resistance. About your old unhelpful beliefs fighting back to stay a part of you, as opposed to letting you replace them with more helpful beliefs. You’ve lived by your old beliefs for so long that they’ve become habit. It can take time and effort to climb up out of the rut these beliefs have ground into your unconscious and teach yourself a new way of doing things.

Unfortunately, many times people will listen to the resistance and stop trying to change. They see the grain of truth in the resistance. They lose track of the fact that that resistance may tell you a truth, but only about what has happened up to now. 

And that you can create a new better truth that shapes your life from now on.

Still, fighting resistance can make this change harder and even cause folks to give up on their dreams.

So how do we overcome that?

If  you repeat your affirmations enough, you will eventually knock that  old belief out, but it’ll take hard work:


You can revise the type of affirmations you use.

Remember that I told you that an affirmation is most powerful when it’s in the present tense?(” I exercise everyday.”)

But if you’re affirming something that is a major change for you, resistance may appear.

Instead, you can word your affirmation as an intention. (“It is my intention that  I exercise everyday.”)

On the negative side, affirmation/intentions aren’t quite as powerful as direct affirmations for changing your beliefs.

On the plus side, when you incorporate words like “my intention” or “”I intend” in your affirmation, it is less likely to trigger resistance. Resistance opens one eye, doesn’t see an outright conflict and rolls over and goes back to sleep

And, with repetition, the unhelpful belief gets sandbagged without ever triggering resistance.

The regular affirmation is more powerful. The intention affirmation is less, but also less likely to trigger resistance, so you don’t have to work as hard, although possibly a bit longer.

End call- I’d try a regular affirmation first. If I started getting a lot of resistance, I’d swap to an intention affirmation to work with at first, and, once resistance decreased, I’d go back to the regular  affirmation.

Either way, I’d be altering reality to what I wanted.

Now, this may all sound like psychology with nothing extraordinary attached. The interesting thing though, is that it can be useful in creating situations and things that seem miraculous.

  • Like attracting helpful people.
  •  Activating psychic ability.
  • Manifesting things.

And so on

So do you chose a regular affirmation or an intention affirmation?

I’d say it depends on how loud the “rotten little voice”  of your resistance is.






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