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We’ve talked about affirmations and how we can use them to clear negative beliefs and replace them with more helpful ones –

But what if those negative beliefs fight back?

You’ve formed a great affirmation-“I always keep my cool.”…

You start to repeat it, to change your programming to something that’ll support a better life…

And, suddenly there’s a little voice in your head, arguing with you!

“I always keep my cool.”

“No you don’t!”

“I always keep my cool.”

“No, you always panic!”

“I always keep my cool.”

“Actually, just the thought of that speech you’ve got coming up makes you break out in a cold sweat…”

What is that ?

Well, that, my friend, is resistance. It’s the voice of a firmly entrenched dysfunctional belief fighting to stay put, rather than giving way to a belief that’ll actually make your life better.

The problem is that it has some truth on its side.

Remember how we talked about how we tend to manifest what we believe in? Well, dysfunctional beliefs are usually based on outdated knowledge, unhelpful things that we’ve learned from our experiences, or on things that other folks have taught us based on unhelpful things they’ve learned from their experiences.

As such, they’re not automatically true, but they have some truth in them because

  • what we look for, we’re gonna find;
  • what we focus on, we tend to attract; and
  • we not only attract more of what we focus on, but more of other things that make us feel that way.

Thus, if you believe the world is full of crazy drivers,

  • we’ll notice crazy drivers more;
  • we’ll attract more crazy drivers; and
  • we’ll attract other things that make us feel like this (perhaps tax audits)…

Well, that’s no fun.

And the truth in those dysfunctional beliefs can keep us stuck repeating them.

But the truth is also that there are other equally valid truths that can make our worlds better.

That if we shift from unhelpful belief to helpful one, once we get past the resistance, the Universe tends to shift to support the new belief.

That we can shape reality with new beliefs, whether better or worse.

And that it’s a better choice to choose better beliefs and a better reality to follow.

I like to remind myself that there’s some limited truth in the resistance, but that it’s only true until now….

Until I chose something better.

If you hang in there and keep repeating those affirmations, sooner or later the old belief gets fed up, pulls up stakes and moves on.

But there’s another way of doing affirmations that bypasses resistance

And that’s next on the agenda






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