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We’ve talked about beliefs and how they shape the world around us and the way we interact with that world.

We’ve talked about using words in affirmations to transform those beliefs and therefore what we create for ourselves.

We’ve talked about resistance, and how using the power of intention can avoid resistence sabotaging us.

Now, let’s talk about another way to  use the power of words to make our worlds better….

The choice to tell ourselves Better Stories….

Back on 6/15/10 ,  I touched on this in “The Power of Words-Caught In Your Own Trap”, but it’s a really powerful technique, so I’d really like to go into it a bit more.

We all have beliefs about ourselves  – that we are smart, or cute , or clumsy. Some of these beliefs are taught to us by others and some are things we teach ourselves, usually in response to our experience.

Are these beliefs true?

Well, yes , they are – and no, they’re not.

If you’re raised to think of yourself as the “pretty one” in your family, as opposed to the “smart one”, you’ll approach the world as the “pretty one” and the nature of reality will tend to adjust itself to that belief.

Ever hear “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”? This is one reason why that can happen.

Furthermore, we reinforce this shaping of reality by the stories  we tell ourselves.

We all go around with an inner monologue that says “I’m so clumsy”, “I’m the smart one, not the pretty one.” or “I’m  shy”. This is called “self-talk”; and the stories we tell ourselves, whether in our heads or out  loud keep us locked into the realities that we believe and manifest the proof to support those beliefs.

For instance, go on a shopping spree, then grin and tell your friends “I can never hold onto my money.”

Now the truth is that anyone can save or spend. Neither choice is impossible. But tell yourself that you can’t enough and that’s who you’ll believe yourself to be. Not only will you constantly spend what ever you make (beliefs acting psychologically) but you’ll find financial emergencies like car repairs popping up whenever you manage to put some money by (beliefs acting metaphysically).

This can mess with your life.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that beliefs can be changed.

You can choose to be the “smart one” as opposed to the “pretty one”. Better yet, you can choose to be the “smart one” and the “pretty one”….


And you can start by changing your self talk…

By telling yourself better stories…

More self-talk on the way….






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We’ve passed through Fire…

We’ve come through the invasion of Time Travellers and Goths and Steampunks and other Adventurers…

And now, in the nature of all enchanted tales, we come to the third and final passage- Midsummer Magick Faerie Festival.

Three is a magick number….

There’s magic and derring-do, laughter and song, wonders around every corner, and the wild magick that is the Faerie path….

And the psychics of Foresight.

Want more details about what lies ahead? 

Click here and here

And join us at the final weekend of Midsummer Magick Renaissance Faire. We’d love to see you






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This is to announce that Foresight is 10 years old. In July of 2001, Cathy & I brought Foresight into being at the Avalon Renaissance Faire. It’s been a GREAT 10 years. Thanks both to the staff of the various Faires and events we’ve worked and to You, the patrons , for without you, Foresight would be but an empty dream.






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…So I had a lovely birthday living my dream by working on the manuscript for “Adventures in Palmistry” that I’ll be publishing soon, and spending time with people I love.

And as part of the people I love, I closed the day out by talking about living your dream and having the best year yet with you folks here on the blog.

So I get up this a.m., and come over blog-wards to see if there’s any thing I need to attend to, and I find that overnight,51 of you have checked in to share the birthday blog dream.

: -)


Just about one for every year I’ve lived.

What a great birthday present!

Thanks, guys. Happy birthday to us all.

More good stuff coming…






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Last year on my birthday, I got to thinking about the experience of getting older and how to love it as it happens. And I had the honor of sharing those thoughts with you 🙂

Here we are again – it’s my birthday (52nd this time). And this year, I spent part of my birthday living my dream.

I’ve always been a writer – poems and articles and songs and this blog, of course. But I decided that it’s time to dream bigger. So this year, I’ve been working on publishing my first book. I’ve been celebrating my birthday today by spending part of it  preparing my manuscript for publication.

Got to thinking-what better use for a birthday is there than using part of it to figure out what makes your heart sing and then going for it? Do I choose to live another year of fitting into other people’s ideas of what I should be? Or do I  choose to have my best year ever, living my Life Mission and becoming more perfectly me?

Lots of people live lives of quiet desperation, or sorry mediocrity. But every single one  of us has greatness within us, and every one of us can choose to live in keeping with that Light that shines within.

A birthday’s a great day to set sail on the next new adventure.

 If it’s not your birthday yet, I’ll loan you mine….

Or you can start to live your dream on the 1st of January.

Or Thanksgiving Day.

 Or  next Tuesday…

Here’s wishing us all our best year yet!






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Last weekend was Fire weekend at Midsummer Magick Faire. And the faire was hot! Flaming hula hoops, slapstick comedy, talented musicians, shopping for wondrous  goods and services,  moments of wild and mystic wonder…

And,of course, the psychics of Foresight.

If you came to play last weekend, you know how much fun you can have here. We’d love to see you again. If  you missed it, it’s not too late. There are two more weekends of wonder ahead

And this weekend is  Times Traveller’s Invasion….

It’s Renaisssance, but so much more. Steampunk. Goth. Jedi. Voyagers from across Time and Space gathering for one vast explosion of Renaissance fun.

And you can be part of the fun.

For more info and ongoing developments, please   visit

Midsummer Magick Faire


Midsummer Magick Faire- Time Traveller’s Weekend (Facebook)

And be part of the invasion this weekend at Midsummer Magick Faire






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Next the REDE:
 ” And ye harm none , Do what ye will.”
 “What ye do, for good or ill , shall come back to you times three”
Think of this a Karma with teeth, or a way to keep neophyte Witches from tearing up the landscape .
                                                      Till next time




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In the last post, we talked about resistance. About your old unhelpful beliefs fighting back to stay a part of you, as opposed to letting you replace them with more helpful beliefs. You’ve lived by your old beliefs for so long that they’ve become habit. It can take time and effort to climb up out of the rut these beliefs have ground into your unconscious and teach yourself a new way of doing things.

Unfortunately, many times people will listen to the resistance and stop trying to change. They see the grain of truth in the resistance. They lose track of the fact that that resistance may tell you a truth, but only about what has happened up to now. 

And that you can create a new better truth that shapes your life from now on.

Still, fighting resistance can make this change harder and even cause folks to give up on their dreams.

So how do we overcome that?

If  you repeat your affirmations enough, you will eventually knock that  old belief out, but it’ll take hard work:


You can revise the type of affirmations you use.

Remember that I told you that an affirmation is most powerful when it’s in the present tense?(” I exercise everyday.”)

But if you’re affirming something that is a major change for you, resistance may appear.

Instead, you can word your affirmation as an intention. (“It is my intention that  I exercise everyday.”)

On the negative side, affirmation/intentions aren’t quite as powerful as direct affirmations for changing your beliefs.

On the plus side, when you incorporate words like “my intention” or “”I intend” in your affirmation, it is less likely to trigger resistance. Resistance opens one eye, doesn’t see an outright conflict and rolls over and goes back to sleep

And, with repetition, the unhelpful belief gets sandbagged without ever triggering resistance.

The regular affirmation is more powerful. The intention affirmation is less, but also less likely to trigger resistance, so you don’t have to work as hard, although possibly a bit longer.

End call- I’d try a regular affirmation first. If I started getting a lot of resistance, I’d swap to an intention affirmation to work with at first, and, once resistance decreased, I’d go back to the regular  affirmation.

Either way, I’d be altering reality to what I wanted.

Now, this may all sound like psychology with nothing extraordinary attached. The interesting thing though, is that it can be useful in creating situations and things that seem miraculous.

  • Like attracting helpful people.
  •  Activating psychic ability.
  • Manifesting things.

And so on

So do you chose a regular affirmation or an intention affirmation?

I’d say it depends on how loud the “rotten little voice”  of your resistance is.






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Only 5 days until the opening weekend of Midsummer Magick Renaissance Faire…

They’ve got knights and maidens, adventure and intrigue, singing and shopping and magick, oh my!

And of course, the psychics of Foresight.

The only thing missing is you. And it won’t be a party without you…

Want to hear more about the 1001 delights awaiting your attention?  Click here

And join us at the faire






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We’ve talked about affirmations and how we can use them to clear negative beliefs and replace them with more helpful ones –

But what if those negative beliefs fight back?

You’ve formed a great affirmation-“I always keep my cool.”…

You start to repeat it, to change your programming to something that’ll support a better life…

And, suddenly there’s a little voice in your head, arguing with you!

“I always keep my cool.”

“No you don’t!”

“I always keep my cool.”

“No, you always panic!”

“I always keep my cool.”

“Actually, just the thought of that speech you’ve got coming up makes you break out in a cold sweat…”

What is that ?

Well, that, my friend, is resistance. It’s the voice of a firmly entrenched dysfunctional belief fighting to stay put, rather than giving way to a belief that’ll actually make your life better.

The problem is that it has some truth on its side.

Remember how we talked about how we tend to manifest what we believe in? Well, dysfunctional beliefs are usually based on outdated knowledge, unhelpful things that we’ve learned from our experiences, or on things that other folks have taught us based on unhelpful things they’ve learned from their experiences.

As such, they’re not automatically true, but they have some truth in them because

  • what we look for, we’re gonna find;
  • what we focus on, we tend to attract; and
  • we not only attract more of what we focus on, but more of other things that make us feel that way.

Thus, if you believe the world is full of crazy drivers,

  • we’ll notice crazy drivers more;
  • we’ll attract more crazy drivers; and
  • we’ll attract other things that make us feel like this (perhaps tax audits)…

Well, that’s no fun.

And the truth in those dysfunctional beliefs can keep us stuck repeating them.

But the truth is also that there are other equally valid truths that can make our worlds better.

That if we shift from unhelpful belief to helpful one, once we get past the resistance, the Universe tends to shift to support the new belief.

That we can shape reality with new beliefs, whether better or worse.

And that it’s a better choice to choose better beliefs and a better reality to follow.

I like to remind myself that there’s some limited truth in the resistance, but that it’s only true until now….

Until I chose something better.

If you hang in there and keep repeating those affirmations, sooner or later the old belief gets fed up, pulls up stakes and moves on.

But there’s another way of doing affirmations that bypasses resistance

And that’s next on the agenda






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