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So, words repeated create beliefs…

And beliefs combine into unconscious programs…

And our  unconscious mind believes those unconscious programs…

And the mind – body connections makes those programs into reality, whether the beliefs are

  • “I’m so clumsy”;
  • “Men are cruel”;
  • “I can’t hold a job”;

or any other belief, true or otherwise.

Because we believe them, psychologically we look for evidence to support that belief and create a downward spiral…

Because we believe them, energetically we tend to draw to us things that create that reality…

And our beliefs come true….

Yes, we are that powerful.

Fortunately, the way into trouble is also the way out.We can reprogram ourselves for beliefs that create and support more joyous things in our lives.


Have you heard of affirmations?

An affirmation is a positive statement that follows certain parameters. Just as repeating negative statements,such as “I’m so clumsy”or “No”, creates negative programming that sabotage our growth, joy and abundance, repeating affirmations creates new, positive programming and forces the old negative beliefs out.

Research indicates that it takes approximately 1000 repititions to replace a negative belief with a positive one. Seems like a lot until you look back at the “No”s said to the average toddler,  and realize that that’s the equivalent of 2 1/2 days’ worth….

And many people start to feel results with 200 repetitions or less.

So,what are the parameters for an affirmation?

  • It’s positive (so “I am graceful” as opposed to”I am not clumsy”;
  • It’s in the present tense (so “I am healthy” as opposed to “I will be healthy”;
  • It’s easy to say ( no tongue twisters);
  • It’s better if it’s shorter(so “I sleep well” as opposed to “I sleep deeply and completely without  tossing and turning”);
  • It’s more powerful if it’s said with emotion.

Those  are the basics.

Sounds simple, right? Too simple, maybe?

But the truth is they work.

Even if you don’t say them 1000 times. Even if you change them, affirmations have great power:

  • to change your beliefs;
  • to attract more positive things;
  • to change your mind-body connection to a more positive influence;
  • to improve your health, and mind-set, and ability to live your dreams;

More coming on affirmations and other powerful uses of words…






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