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Are you a knowledgable and talented speaker on subjects such as alternative health, divination, spirituality, energy work or other such topics?

Then, let me tell you about Changing Times, Changing Worlds….

Here at www.ForesightYourCtPsychic.wordpress.com , our theme is Practical Living in a Magickal World. We like most of the esoteric stuff, but we really turn towards the practical applications  – the things that make life brighter, happier, healthier, more interesting and fun (because fun is practical).

Is that your thing, too?

More to the point, do you have something to say on the subject?…..

We’re delighted to announce the first year of Changing  Times, Changing Worlds, a convention dedicated to the practical side of the esoteric arts, on November 12-14  in Northampton , MA.

Come for workshops and panels on alternative health, divination, religion and spirituality, energy work, magick and other very cool things. Come to meet some pretty interesting people too, and enjoy the community of people who understand what it is to live in a magickal world.

CTCW has a number of interesting speakers (including Starwolf and myself)  already online,

But there’s still room for more.

Are you the missing speaker?

Check out Changing Times, Changing Worlds. If  you think you might be the missing speaker, please contact the programming director as soon as possible so she can see what you can bring to the table.

Because you may be the speaker she’s looking for…

CTCW is currently accepting registrations for this special event(grab your space early.We will!).

CTCW  is also looking for vendors with interesting and appropriate goods and services (because shopping is fun,  and fun is practical…) .

And CTCW is looking for the missing speaker….

Is that speaker you?






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