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We’ve talked about the unconscious mind. How outgrown, limiting, dysfunctional or destructive beliefs hanging out there can:

  •  limit our ability to grow and move forwards.
  • sabotage our dreams.
  • actually shape the nature of the world around us.

That’s important. So how do we get those messed up beliefs out of there?

Well, first, you’ve got to understand a little bit more about how they got in there in the first place…

Now some beliefs are generated in a moment of sweeping “enlightenment”-

Like “I will never be fabulously rich…”

Or “Life is hard…”

Or even ” Going out drinking with ducks inevitably leads to trouble…”

These beliefs may or may not be accurate, but they’ve hit us like a lightning bolt and are taken in without question.

However, most beliefs, functional or not, end up with a home in our psyche because of repetition.

A study at UCLA found that the average toddler hears the word “No” a minimum of  400 times per day….

That’s 400 times per day…

2800 times per week…

12,400 times per month…

1,460,000 times in a year…

Is it  any wonder that a two-year old’s favorite word is often “No” ?

Is it any wonder that most of us grow up and have more than a little “No” attitude to life in general?

No – I can’t follow my dreams. It’s not practical.

No -I can’t make a relationship work. I never have before.

No – I can’t be extraordinary. I’m not that special.

And the truth of the matter is that, if you believe things like that, that’s the kind of truth you’ll tend to manifest. Both because you’ll be seeking out the evidence and experiences  that support those dysfunctional beliefs; and because, energetically, you tend to attract what you’re focusing on….

In computer terms, GIGO…

Garbage In, Garbage Out.

But there is a way out of this.

Repetition got us into this.

And it can get us out of it.

And how to do that is on the way…






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