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In a previous post, I talked about the concept of telling yourself better stories. Let’s talk about that now.

In medical studies on stress, researchers originally thought that stress was a “stimulus – response” reaction.

You know. Your  partner tells you you’re moving to Timbuktu. You get stressed. That kind of thing…

However, on looking more closely, they found something very interesting.

Two people could have an identical experience.

One would be traumatized…

The other would be fine.

What’s up with that?

Researchers found that the amount of stress wasn’t actually due to what happened.

Instead, it was determined by the meaning a person attached to what happened….

To the stories they told themselves about the experience…

So, one person might view that move to Timbuktu as an exhausting, overwhelming foray into unknown territory..

And another might see it as a delightful adventure that will teach her exciting new things…

Which one do you think will be more stressed? Which one will benefit more from the experience?

And the difference in stress levels and health and the overall experience each of them will have is only the stories they tell themselves.

The power of words…

Interesting, that….






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