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Hi folks!

As you may have read, this past Saturday I was honored to be in charge of the first Reiki share at Talisman in Monroe, Ct. We had a steady stream of  folks interested in learning about and experiencing Reiki; and the event was a success for all concerned.

As part of this event, there was a Free Will donation bowl available . I’m pleased to report that this event raised $48 that has been sent to Feeding America, a charitable organization that matches surplus food with soup kitchens, food pantries and other groups feeding people in America who’d otherwise be going hungry. (Want to know more about this excellent organization? Check out http://feedingamerica.org).

I’d like to thank Laura Lenhard, the owner of Talisman, who hosted this event. I’d like to thank the Reiki practitioners who lent their time and energy to this share, the folks who made a donation to Feeding America , and all of the folks who stopped by and made this a lovely experience.

Laura is planning more Reiki shares for the future. Due to other commitments, I will only be at some of these, but whether I’m there or no, this is still a lovely place to experience Reiki.

And, for those of you who’d like to learn Reiki, it’ still not too late to sign up for my Reiki I class on June 19th at Talisman (but do step lively if you want a space in the class).

Good vibrations to you all






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