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Have you heard about Reiki yet?

Originally from Japan, but now firmly established in America and around the world, Reiki is a form of energywork that lets you tap into a divine source of energy to:

  • support your body’s natural ability to heal itself;
  • help others heal as well;
  • support the health of your pets;
  • give yourself more energy;

and lots of other cool things.

Reiki is safe and easy to do.  It lets you help yourself while helping others. It feels great.

It’s made a positive difference in my life. I’d say that it would make your life better, too.

On June  19th from 9:30-6:00, I will be teaching Usui Reiki, level 1 at Talisman in Monroe, Ct. This class includes the manual and handouts,the level 1 attunements for Usui and Angelic Reiki, Reiki history and techniques,  hand positions and how to do a treatment, instruction on seeing auras and lots of practice.

And it’ll be lots of fun…

If this class sounds right to you…

If you’ve been thinking about learning Reiki…

If you’ve experienced Reiki, at  the Reiki share or elsewhere, and you’d like to be able to do it yourself…

The time is now to claim your place in this class.

Class fee is $125 and, as I’ll need to order materials, advance registration is required for this class. It’s not too late yet, but if you want your spot in this class, please contact Talisman now at 203-261-0047 and sign up as soon as possible.(Please leave contact info as there is some advance information I’ll need to email you)

Hope to see you in class.






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