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So, words repeated create beliefs…

And beliefs combine into unconscious programs…

And our  unconscious mind believes those unconscious programs…

And the mind – body connections makes those programs into reality, whether the beliefs are

  • “I’m so clumsy”;
  • “Men are cruel”;
  • “I can’t hold a job”;

or any other belief, true or otherwise.

Because we believe them, psychologically we look for evidence to support that belief and create a downward spiral…

Because we believe them, energetically we tend to draw to us things that create that reality…

And our beliefs come true….

Yes, we are that powerful.

Fortunately, the way into trouble is also the way out.We can reprogram ourselves for beliefs that create and support more joyous things in our lives.


Have you heard of affirmations?

An affirmation is a positive statement that follows certain parameters. Just as repeating negative statements,such as “I’m so clumsy”or “No”, creates negative programming that sabotage our growth, joy and abundance, repeating affirmations creates new, positive programming and forces the old negative beliefs out.

Research indicates that it takes approximately 1000 repititions to replace a negative belief with a positive one. Seems like a lot until you look back at the “No”s said to the average toddler,  and realize that that’s the equivalent of 2 1/2 days’ worth….

And many people start to feel results with 200 repetitions or less.

So,what are the parameters for an affirmation?

  • It’s positive (so “I am graceful” as opposed to”I am not clumsy”;
  • It’s in the present tense (so “I am healthy” as opposed to “I will be healthy”;
  • It’s easy to say ( no tongue twisters);
  • It’s better if it’s shorter(so “I sleep well” as opposed to “I sleep deeply and completely without  tossing and turning”);
  • It’s more powerful if it’s said with emotion.

Those  are the basics.

Sounds simple, right? Too simple, maybe?

But the truth is they work.

Even if you don’t say them 1000 times. Even if you change them, affirmations have great power:

  • to change your beliefs;
  • to attract more positive things;
  • to change your mind-body connection to a more positive influence;
  • to improve your health, and mind-set, and ability to live your dreams;

More coming on affirmations and other powerful uses of words…






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Ok – let’s start with what Wicca is.
 First: Wicca is a religion that  has 2 primary deities (The Goddess & The God)
 Second: The gods exist not only in some faraway heaven, but directly in everything that exists. This principle is called Immanence.
                                                  Till next time




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Are you a knowledgable and talented speaker on subjects such as alternative health, divination, spirituality, energy work or other such topics?

Then, let me tell you about Changing Times, Changing Worlds….

Here at www.ForesightYourCtPsychic.wordpress.com , our theme is Practical Living in a Magickal World. We like most of the esoteric stuff, but we really turn towards the practical applications  – the things that make life brighter, happier, healthier, more interesting and fun (because fun is practical).

Is that your thing, too?

More to the point, do you have something to say on the subject?…..

We’re delighted to announce the first year of Changing  Times, Changing Worlds, a convention dedicated to the practical side of the esoteric arts, on November 12-14  in Northampton , MA.

Come for workshops and panels on alternative health, divination, religion and spirituality, energy work, magick and other very cool things. Come to meet some pretty interesting people too, and enjoy the community of people who understand what it is to live in a magickal world.

CTCW has a number of interesting speakers (including Starwolf and myself)  already online,

But there’s still room for more.

Are you the missing speaker?

Check out Changing Times, Changing Worlds. If  you think you might be the missing speaker, please contact the programming director as soon as possible so she can see what you can bring to the table.

Because you may be the speaker she’s looking for…

CTCW is currently accepting registrations for this special event(grab your space early.We will!).

CTCW  is also looking for vendors with interesting and appropriate goods and services (because shopping is fun,  and fun is practical…) .

And CTCW is looking for the missing speaker….

Is that speaker you?






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We’ve talked about the unconscious mind. How outgrown, limiting, dysfunctional or destructive beliefs hanging out there can:

  •  limit our ability to grow and move forwards.
  • sabotage our dreams.
  • actually shape the nature of the world around us.

That’s important. So how do we get those messed up beliefs out of there?

Well, first, you’ve got to understand a little bit more about how they got in there in the first place…

Now some beliefs are generated in a moment of sweeping “enlightenment”-

Like “I will never be fabulously rich…”

Or “Life is hard…”

Or even ” Going out drinking with ducks inevitably leads to trouble…”

These beliefs may or may not be accurate, but they’ve hit us like a lightning bolt and are taken in without question.

However, most beliefs, functional or not, end up with a home in our psyche because of repetition.

A study at UCLA found that the average toddler hears the word “No” a minimum of  400 times per day….

That’s 400 times per day…

2800 times per week…

12,400 times per month…

1,460,000 times in a year…

Is it  any wonder that a two-year old’s favorite word is often “No” ?

Is it any wonder that most of us grow up and have more than a little “No” attitude to life in general?

No – I can’t follow my dreams. It’s not practical.

No -I can’t make a relationship work. I never have before.

No – I can’t be extraordinary. I’m not that special.

And the truth of the matter is that, if you believe things like that, that’s the kind of truth you’ll tend to manifest. Both because you’ll be seeking out the evidence and experiences  that support those dysfunctional beliefs; and because, energetically, you tend to attract what you’re focusing on….

In computer terms, GIGO…

Garbage In, Garbage Out.

But there is a way out of this.

Repetition got us into this.

And it can get us out of it.

And how to do that is on the way…






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Let’s start with what Wicca isn’t.
1: First and foremost  Wicca is not Satanism, Devil worship, or Demon worship.
2: It does not involve animal sacrifice, or the defilement or destruction of other religions’ symbols or tools.

                                                       Till next time
                                                       Starwolf 06/20/0210



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I’ve been talking about beliefs. How words shape our beliefs. How our beliefs determine how we interact with the world.

This may have seemed very psychological. It  is – but there’s more  to it than that.

Because the beliefs we have energetically shape the world around us…

Per the Law of Attraction, what we focus on is what we tend to get more of. Like attracts  like.

For instance, if you’re spending a lot of time complaining about pushy cousin Betty:

  • you may find that Betty starts calling more frequently, and
  • you may find that you start having more encounters with folks who are just like Betty….

To use a technical term, ick……

So your beliefs, good or ill, don’t just affect how you see the world psychologically, and how you interact with it….

Your beliefs also tend to shape the world as you move through it.

Yes – you’re that powerful.

All the more reason to have your beliefs playing on your side, as opposed to against you.

And words are amongst the best tools we have for this.

There’s more words coming…






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Got to thinking about a conversation that I had awhiles back with someone who was in a world of hurt.

As she talked, she kept telling me  about how she couldn’t let go of the situation that was hurting her. How exhausted and drained she felt. How she felt alone and trapped and without hope.

She had certainly been through a lot of challenging experiences. She had a right to feel down and stressed…

I really felt bad for her and all of the things she was going through…

But I was also struck by how the words she was using made the trap she found herself in stronger.

If only she could have told herself a little better story…

Told herself that she had the strength to get through this…

That she hadn’t moved on yet, but that she certainly could…

That she’d take something worthwhile out of this part of her life (strength or wisdom or compassion) and let the rest go…

Then this trap could have been a transformation for her.

I’m sorry that she’s still hurting.

But I wish that she could find it in herself to tell the stories that would set her free as opposed to make a hard situation worse for her…

And it made me think…

What kind of stories am I telling myself?…………..






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Over the next few weeks I am going to try to answer some of the questions surrounding Wicca as both a religion and a magickal path. So feel free to post any questions or suggestions for me.






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Hi folks,

I’m working on a project. And I’d like your input, if you’re willing to help.

As a palmreader, I’ve noticed that there aren’t many other folks reading palms these days. That’s a pity, as it’s a lovely, accurate, empowering method of divination.

Since I didn’t want palmistry to become a dying art, I started teaching it, both in person and online. I was told repeatedly that my students hadn’t been able to learn palmistry from books, but that my ways of explaining things left them able to read palms where they couldn’t before.

I’m honored by this.

So, as the next logical step towards reaching as many people as possible, I’m currently writing “Adventures in Palmistry”…

This book is based on the online and live courses I teach on palmistry. It’s  52  “bite-sized” lessons taking  you step by step through what I’ve learned in  40 years of practicing the art. 

The book  includes lots of information that makes reading  palms simple. It also includes stories about my experiences in the field (with identities carefully concealed-don’t worry, folks).

I’m currently in the process of final draft/ edit of my manuscript, but I want to do my best to  make sure this book meets the needs of as many readers as  possible.

 With that in mind, I’ve got questions for you-

If you were reading a book like this, what kind of information would you want to see in it? What would be helpful to you in learning palmistry? What would you find interesting?

I’d appreciate your feedback,as it’ll help me be sure I’m covering what folks need and want to know.

And, as an added bonus, anyone who leaves a comment or sends me  email input at we_are_foresight@yahoo.com on this question will receive a free chapter from this book upon request (please leave your email address and say if you want the chapter-one man’s gold is another man’s spam…)

Your input is appreciated the sooner the better (by the end of June at the latest) so that I can finish my edit and head towards publication.

My thanks and I hope to be hearing from you soon.






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In a previous post, I talked about the concept of telling yourself better stories. Let’s talk about that now.

In medical studies on stress, researchers originally thought that stress was a “stimulus – response” reaction.

You know. Your  partner tells you you’re moving to Timbuktu. You get stressed. That kind of thing…

However, on looking more closely, they found something very interesting.

Two people could have an identical experience.

One would be traumatized…

The other would be fine.

What’s up with that?

Researchers found that the amount of stress wasn’t actually due to what happened.

Instead, it was determined by the meaning a person attached to what happened….

To the stories they told themselves about the experience…

So, one person might view that move to Timbuktu as an exhausting, overwhelming foray into unknown territory..

And another might see it as a delightful adventure that will teach her exciting new things…

Which one do you think will be more stressed? Which one will benefit more from the experience?

And the difference in stress levels and health and the overall experience each of them will have is only the stories they tell themselves.

The power of words…

Interesting, that….






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