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Hi folks,

Do you ( like me) love to hit the snooze bar on the alarm clock for “Five more minutes…” of sleep?

Well, now you can use that delicious snooze to access your psychic ability.

Got a question, problem or issue you’re chewing over but can’t seem to resolve? Want to tap into your natural intuition for more insight?

Let’s try the “Five minutes more…” dream technique…

For this technique, you need:

  • An alarm clock
  • A  morning where you can sleep as late as you like
  • The ability to hit that snooze bar and go back to sleep
  • Enough fatigue to do so
  • Understanding housemates who will not insist you “get up now”

(Sounds like fun already, right?)

Before you go to sleep that night, set the alarm to wake you at a point where you estimate you will be rested but still able to drop easily back into slumber.

When the alarm sounds, hit the snooze bar then return to bed.

Allow yourself to drop off, thinking about the question you’re trying to sort out.

And watch for the dreams that are likely to pop up in those five (or six or eight…) minutes.

If you dream, you’ll often find vivid dreams with pertinent and useful information on your issue, once you interpret them (and we all know how to do that here, don’t we 🙂 ?..)

How does this work?

  • Having just come out of sleep and turning right back in, you’re still in alpha/theta or even a touch of delta. This is where your intuition hangs out.
  • Because you’ve likely just come out of dream state, you’re still half-way there and it’s easier and quicker to get back.
  • By thinking about your question as you drop back off, you’re programming the unconscious mind to access information on it.
  • By only allowing yourself the length of a snooze cycle or two, you allow yourself to go just deep enough to dream, but don’t go deep enough that you can’t remember your dreams.

If you do this on a regular basis, you’ll condition your unconscious. You’ll find yourself able to focus-dream the answers you need more consistently and easily.

And who couldn’t use that?

Give it a try…

See you soon





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