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Are you interested in the metaphysics of manifestation (that’s the magick of creating something that wasn’t there before)?

Well, “Ask and It is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires” gives you useful information and helpful tools to do just that.

This book is full of great ways to build your manifestation skills, put yourself in a better state to use those skills, and manifest better things in your life.It also teaches you the things and mindsets that prevent you from manifesting good things or cause you to create less desirable things; and  gives you ways to stop doing things.

In other ways, learn ways to create good stuff and stop creating bad stuff. Which is what we all need…

And it’s all so fun….

Esther Hicks, the primary author of this book, has given you a lot of good information on manifestation and how it works.She’s also filled the book up with processes or  games (because they’re more fun than exercises) that show you how to manifest  things from many angles and in many ways, so you have a wide choice of what methods will work best for you, both as an  individual and in the state you’re in at any moment.

Trust me- no matter who you are and where you’re at at the moment, you’ll find something here useful to you.

 Esther channels Abraham, a spirit guide and non-corporeal Collective Consciousness (find New Age jargon a bit confusing? That’s a group of beings working together who aren’t physically present on this plane of existance) While I don’t totally agree with everything that Esther and Abraham have to say, I do believe that this is an important, practical and very useful book for anyone who wants to learn about the Law of Attraction and how to use it well. 

If you’re that person, this book belongs in your library.

And that’s why I’m recommending it. Because you folks deserve the best.







PS Esther and Abraham have produced a  large number of useful and helpful books and CDs, but this is the best one to start with.

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