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You’ve found your Life Mission..

You’ve given it a cool name-one that makes your spirit soar and puts a grin on your face.

So now what do you do with it?…..

What’s the point of having a Life Mission anyway?


An awful lot of us pass through life just going through the motions. We do the things that people say should make us happy (and who are these people anyway? and what makes them authorities on life?….)


  • pick a job;
  • go to work to earn a living;
  • find someone to love;
  • take vacations;
  • watch tv;
  • buy things, especially things we’re told we need to be happy, like the latest gadget, a new car, or a dream trip;
  • take out the garbage;
  • and so on, and so on,

Now don’t get me wrong. All of the above things are fine things and any of them may be part of your own personal happiness.

Unfortunately, just like “one-size-fits-all” clothing, a “one-size-fits-all” life doesn’t really fit anybody.

If  you’re here to transform the world through the excitement of dance, then time used on vacation might be better put into practice time at a dance studio which will support your Life Mission.

If you’re here  to be a healer of minds, money spent for a new car might give you more joy being invested in classes teaching you new healing techniques.

It’s a matter of choices here.

Many of us wander around, unfulfilled and unsatisfied, with “Is this all there is?” emblazoned on our foreheads. That’s because we’re looking for joy by living someone else’s dreams, as opposed to living our own.

And that’s what a Life Mission’s for. It’s to use as a star to steer by, a yardstick to measure possibilities by to help ourselves decide what to give our time/our energy/our love/our resources/our money to….

It’s the road sign that points to our bliss….

How does it work?

When you’re chosing what to do, take a moment to ask yourself “How does this fit into my Life Mission?”.

The things that do – these are the things that will make your life better

Once again, don’t get me wrong. Not everything you do will or should be part of your Life Mission. You’ll still have to

  • take out the garbage;
  • pay your taxes;
  • mow your lawn;
  • and so forth…

But if you’re doing something that puts you in touch with your Life Mission on a regular basis(even, possibly, every day…) , your life will be better. You’ll be more perfectly you. And the excitement will come into your life.

And you’ll break out of the “is-this-all-there-is-hung-over-junk-food” type of life that so many of us labor under.

Dare to be unique and follow your own path

See you soon






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