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You’ve been looking at ways to find your Life Mission.

You’ve looked at

  • what activities appeal to you now?
  • what things did you love as a child?
  • at the end of your life, what will you have wanted to be remembered for?

You’ve looked at the things that these lists have in common…

And the shape of your Life Mission is probably beginning to emerge from the mist….

Once you’re starting to get a handle on it, want to give your Life Mission some power?

Then, look for the name of your mission…

Not just any old name –  you want one that is juicy and exciting and carries the energy and joy of your mission in one compact but dynamic package…

Are you here to be

  • A Dream Catalyst?
  • The Minister of Fun?
  • the Key to More Open Minds?

These may seem like storybook phrases, but a good name or descriptive title can help you connect more strongly with your mission, giving you energy to see where you fit into any current situation and work your mission in he world.

Besides, it’s fun to be someone larger than life.

For example, remember in my last Life Mission post, I said that everything in my  life that’s wonderful and juicy is about helping people find and live their best and brightest dreams, so that’s my Life Mission.

I have a name for that.

I am a Fairy Godmother.

Because that’s a Fairy Godmother’s purpose-to help people make their dreams come true, no?

This may seem silly, but it’s a metaphysical truth that names  have power, and finding the name for who and what you are can give you the power to do what you’re here for….

It gives you focus ( as well as puts a smile on your face)

So, get your name on 🙂






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