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Have you wanted a reading from one of the psychics of Foresight but cash is a little tight?

Have you just wanted a chance to see us in person, to say hi or check out our auric fields?

Well, the time is short but here’s your chance!….

You can catch the psychics of Foresight at Borders books in Milford Ct on Friday March 19th  from 10 – 1130 p.m. during their New Moon d.v.d. premiere party.

We’ll be doing free ( yes, that’s right-free) mini-readings for as many folks as possible during this time, and one of them could be you !

Lines form early(as you might imagine) and readings stop at 1130 sharp to make way for other activities, so if you want a reading, come early so you don’t miss out (we’d love to see you).

Come party with the werewolves( and the psychics of Foresight) at Borders of Milford

see you there






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