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Has someone told you that you’re oversensitive?

Do other people’s bad moods put you in a bad mood too?

Do you knock yourself out to make other people happy because it’s the only way you can be happy yourself?

Well, my friend, you may be an empath….

Psychic empathy (psychic sensitivity to the emotional vibrations of those around you) can be a blessing, a totally overwhelming state or anything in between. To make it work for you, you need the right skills-shields to keep your energy distinct from others, ways to deflect negative emotions, and other techniques to help you be in control of your gift, rather than it controlling you.

Have I got a class for you…….

On March 27th, I’ll be teaching  “Path of the Empath-Psychic Empathy 101” at Talisman in Monroe, Ct from 3-5. Come learn simple methods to manage your energy  and make your empathy the gift it was meant to be.

This class is helpful for both empaths and for the people who want to support them.

Does this feel like just the class you need? Then call Talisman for your space in the feel-good class of the year.

See you in class






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