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In the last Life Mission post, you were looking at your lists from the three exercises :

  • what do you like to do now?
  • what floated your boat as a child?
  •  what would you like to be remembered for?

to try to find common themes. These are the clues that point towards your Life Mission.

One thing worth thinking about is that these commonalities may be parts of the things on your lists:

 For example, a majority of  your preferred activities may all include solving some kind of puzzles- so solving puzzles would be an important part of your Life Mission. Maybe you’re here to solve the Mysteries of the Ages, or to help people find the answers to the seemingly unsolvable questions that face them…

Or the things on your list may all be part of the bigger picture which is your Life Mission.

For instance, some of the things on my list are:

  • writing;
  • learning things;
  • teaching what I know;
  • finding the solutions to problems:
  • healing (mainstream and alternate);
  • self-improvement;
  • metaphysics, including psychic phenomena and manifestation;
  • valuing people’s unique talents and natures;
  • supporting people in living their dreams;
  • and so forth….

For me, pretty much everything that’s wonderful and juicy is about helping people (including myself) find and live their best and brightest dreams…

So that’s my Life Mission….

See that “idiot grin” creep across my face?…..

That’s one way you’ll know when you’ve got it ( or are at least in the neighborhood). The idiot grin is the unerring sign of pure delight- the sign that you’ve made contact with what you’re here to do.

So watch for that grin-it’ll tell you when you’ve arrived.

Cause we’re all born for pure delight…

See ya soon






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