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We’ve been through three exercises designed to lead you towards your Life Mission-

  • Looking at the activities that call to you now;
  • Looking at what you liked to do as a child; and
  • Looking at what you’d like to accomplish in your life.

Past, present and future- three is a magic number….

Now it’s time to pull it together.

Set things up so you won’t be disturbed ( phone ringer off, family off to movies, quiet- whatever works for you) so you’ll be in a better position to tune into your inner wisdom. If you meditate or do energywork, try putting yourself into altered state or do whatever else helps you listen to your intuition.

Now,  put your lists in front of you and, tuning into your inner direction, start looking for information.

Try looking for

  • common themes ( learning? teaching? inspiring?)
  • are your preferred activities more tuned into self, others or both (some of us are here to improve our own selves, some to  help others, and some a combination)
  • what is it that you like about your preferred activities? ( do you like shopping because of the feeling of accomplishment in finding what you want or the cleverness of doing more with less?)
  • what about your preferred activities do you not like ( this can help you weed out things that are not part of your life mission)?
  • what things jump out at you and almost sparkle?
  • what things give you that “idiot grin” or make you think things like “Yes!” or ” That’s it!”. To quote a friend of mine, it’s all about the “Yes!”

Questions like these can help you to strip away the elements that hide your life mission and bring it into the light.

It’s good to remember that, while not every bit of your Life Mission will be pure joy(some parts can be hard work, messy, or frustrating), you’ll know when you’re getting close by feelings of glee, joy or excitement( or that “Yes!”)

It’s also worth noting that Life Missions can evolve or even change as you pass through life (which means you may want to do this more than once in your life ….)

So take some time and sit with your lists.

What are you finding??…..






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