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Want to make your life better?

Got a vision of what you’d like to improve?

Want to get the energy of the Universe flowing in the direction of your dreams?

Well, have I got a class for you…..

The Law of Attraction tells us that we tend to attract what we focus on. A Vision board is a powerful personal tool for harnessing this energy to manifest our visions and bring better things into our lives.

And they’re lotsa fun to make :-).

On 3/13 from 3-5, I’ll be teaching a jam-packed-full-of-good-stuff class on vision boards at Talisman in Monroe, Ct. (www.talismanct.com, 203-261-0047   ). If you’re there, you’ll learn about vision boards- how they work and how to work with them. You’ll hear how vision boards channel the Law of Attraction to your benefit. You’ll see 12 different types of vision boards, and experience a meditation to help focus your dreams and dream bigger. Finally, you’ll make your own personal vision board to take home with you.

And you’ll probably have a lot of fun in the process…

Does this sounds like your kind of thing? It’s not too late to contact Talisman and seize your seat in this class.

Hope to see you there






P.S. Like classes? This class not enough for you?

I’ll also be teaching “Path of the Empath-Psychic Empathy 101” on 3/27, and “Usui Reiki, level 2” on 4/10, both at Talisman. There’s still time for you to claim your position in these classes, if you want to; so call soon if you want to attend.

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