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We’ve been talking about your life mission and how to find it. We’ve looked at the common themes amongst the activities that speak to you most in life; and we’ve looked at your childhood and how the things you loved then can give us information that you can use now.

Now, let’s jump to the other end of the spectrum.

Got your two previous lists of leads to your Life Mission? Good.

Now, let’s try a third type of treasure hunt (three is a magic number 🙂 )

Picture yourself  in spirit and flying forwards in time, until you reach your funeral. Picture the ceremony full to overflowing with people who loved you, people who respected the things you’d done with your life and people whose lives were better because you were there.

Hover invisibly and listen as people get up to speak about your life and the positive effect that it had had on them and the world around them.

What would you like them to say?

Listen, and write these things down…


Just as you did with the two previous exercises, look at the things you have written and look for the common themes. Would you like to have:

  • Inspired people to live better lives?
  • Brought fun into their lives through humor?
  • Become the best “you” you could be?

Or something else…

Cross reference these themes with your other two lists.

Now, are you beginning to get a picture?…

See you soon






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