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In previous posts, I’ve talked about your Life Mission- the unique thing that you’re here to do on Earth. I’ve talked about how pursuing your Life Mission feels great overall (although there is some hard work to it) and how knowing your Life Mission helps you make choices about what to give your time/ energy/ love/ resources to that will make a difference to you, your life and the world overall.

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Up to speed? Good.

I also gave you one way to start to tune in to your unique calling.

But it’s not the only one…

Got your list from the Feb. 7 exercise?

Let’s add something to that.

Take a fresh piece of paper and start thinking about your childhood.

  • What kind of things did you like to do as a child and as an adolescent?
  • What really held your attention?
  • When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  • What were the gifts/ toys/ experiences that were most important to you as a child?

Get writing…

Now, some of these things will directly correlate to your mission, but not all of them (for example, I know one person who wanted to grow up to be a cow. Then she changed her mind and wanted to become a fire engine…). 

Just as with your previous list, you need to go through theses things that called to you and look for the common thread.

Did you like to work with your hands? Were you a whiz at coming up with new games? Were you the person who brought peace between other kids? These factors can indicate where your mission lies.

It can also be enlightening to look for common threads between this list and the last one.

You may find a pattern is beginning to emerge here. You may still be searching. Fortunately, there’s more tools on the way..

See you soon





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