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Love magick?….

Valentine’s Day’s coming…

The other day, I was talking to a friend of mine who works in a New Age store. She told me that on that day, she’d seen the latest in an ongoing stream of people who come into the store looking for someone to cast a love spell ( intended to make someone in particular fall  in love with them…)

As usual, she’d had to tell her visitor that spells like that did exist, but that they were unethical, and that no one in the shop would cast one….

So what’s up with that?

Well, magick connected with love (and, for that matter, lust…) is trcicky. There’s some love magick that’s ethical. There’s some that’s seriously wrong.

And here’s how you tell the difference…

The key point determining whether love magick is ethical or not is  the question of respect for the Free Will of others.

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you may realize that Free  Will is very important to me ( Need an update? Chose to jump to “Free Will Rocks” and “Free Will Still Rocks! Magick and Free Will” in May of 2009 …or not…).

In magick in general, it’s questionable to cast spells/do energy work/do workings that interfere with another person’s Free Will/ability to chose their own path.

Even if you think the results would be good for them…

Even if what you’re working towards is someting you deserve…

It’s not right to interfere with the Free Will of others.

( The one exception is to limit the ability of someone to harm others-and this choice needs to be made conservatively, to apply the minimum limitation to Free Will..)

Free Will is particularly important in magick concerning love. Since energetically, what you put out is what you get back, if you use  magick to compell a specific someone to sleep with you or fall in love  with you, you’re setting up a relationship that’s a ticking time bomb and building up a mass of bad karma that will tend to boomerang back at you.

So what’s ethical magick in love?

Let’s try some examples:

  • Cast a spell to call your perfect partner to you-good;
  • Cast a spell to make Joe at work fall in love with you-bad;
  • Do a working to make yourself attractive toothers-good;
  • Do a working to drive Suzy mad with desire-bad:

Get the idea? The ethical options help a positive outcome along, but don’t enforce your will on others. The unethical magick involves controlling others and taking away their right to chose…

So, Valentine’s Day is on the way. And Love is all around…

Just be sure that you’re making good vibrations.

See you soon






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