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We’ve been talking about Life Missions and how they make your life better.

But how do you find your Life Mission?

There’s not one clear-cut, absolute way to do this….but there are a number of methods that point you in the right direction. That’s what the next few Life Mission posts will be about.

First, and most simple, as well as most difficult ( now there’s a paradox!)….

Start by sitting yourself down in a quiet place with a pen and paper, and making a list of your favorite things to do. The things that wake your spirit up. The things that give you that “idiot grin” that I’m so fond of. The things that you dream of doing. The things your spirit hungers for. The things you always feel better after you do them.

You know. The things that make life juicy for you.

These may be things that you knock yourself out to make time for. They may be the things that it kills you that you can’t find time for. They may be things you dream of doing some day when you’ve got enough money/time/courage/ energy/etc. ; or they may be dreams you’ve put aside.

They’re not always easy. Making dreams come true can be hard work. They’re not always happy-there can be bumps along the road to Utopia. But they’re the things that call to you.

Go ahead- I’ll wait…..



Got your list?


Now, look at your list and start searching for the common themes in your activities. Are they all about creating things? Nurturing people? Learning things or sharing knowledge?

There’s a lot of possible connections, but those underlying themes are going to point you in the direction of your Life Mission.

So, start detecting…

There’s more ideas on the way!






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