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7th Chakra:
location : Crown of the head.
Color : Violet
Purpose : Cosmic awareness .
Stone: Amethyst.

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In a previous post (12/20/09 ), I told you about a wonderful technique known as E.F.T.(Emotional Freedom Technique). This is a method of energywork that clears negative emotions, feelings, beliefs and phobias through a combination of affirmations with tapping on points in the energy meridians. It’s easy and fast to do.

And it works like a charm.

This technique was developed by Gary Craig. On his website , http://www.emofree.com, are free instructions and articles on using this effectively, as well as instructional videos for sale.

At the time of my previous post, this wonderful site was going to be closed in mid-January. I urged folks to go to the site then and download the free books on E.F.T. while they were still available.

If you missed out, I’m pleased to report that you’ve got one more chance, if you step lively. The deadline has been extended and the E.F.T. website is open until March 1.

This is a wonderful technique and a wonderful opportunity;and you deserve to have access to it. I want you to have this ( as I want you to have all good things) but I can’t do it for you.

So, go now, and get your wonderful E.F.T. freebie before time runs out.

Yours, for better living,






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In previous posts, I’ve talked about your Life Mission- the unique thing that you’re here to do on Earth. I’ve talked about how pursuing your Life Mission feels great overall (although there is some hard work to it) and how knowing your Life Mission helps you make choices about what to give your time/ energy/ love/ resources to that will make a difference to you, your life and the world overall.

If you’ve missed previous posts on this, please feel free to flip back to the posts for

 (amongst other posts…).

Don’t worry- we’ll wait for you….


Up to speed? Good.

I also gave you one way to start to tune in to your unique calling.

But it’s not the only one…

Got your list from the Feb. 7 exercise?

Let’s add something to that.

Take a fresh piece of paper and start thinking about your childhood.

  • What kind of things did you like to do as a child and as an adolescent?
  • What really held your attention?
  • When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  • What were the gifts/ toys/ experiences that were most important to you as a child?

Get writing…

Now, some of these things will directly correlate to your mission, but not all of them (for example, I know one person who wanted to grow up to be a cow. Then she changed her mind and wanted to become a fire engine…). 

Just as with your previous list, you need to go through theses things that called to you and look for the common thread.

Did you like to work with your hands? Were you a whiz at coming up with new games? Were you the person who brought peace between other kids? These factors can indicate where your mission lies.

It can also be enlightening to look for common threads between this list and the last one.

You may find a pattern is beginning to emerge here. You may still be searching. Fortunately, there’s more tools on the way..

See you soon





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Imagine the experience of a Renaissance faire without the threat of authentic medieval weather…..


On February 26 and 27, the psychics of Foresight will be doing readings from 6-7, just before the 3rd Annual Renaissance Banquet (7-10) at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bridgeport (96 Chapel St, Stratford, Ct)

For a mere pittance of $25, dine on ribs and chicken, enjoy a variety of medieval merriment, and marvel at the magic of Daniel Greenwolf.

And, if you come early, you can get a reading from us….

Seats are going fast, so seize the day and call Carli at 203-218-0331 for reservations.

For more information, you can also search “3rd Annual Rennaissance Banquet” on Facebook.

See you there





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Yes, Foresight has class- or, at least we’re offering classes….

Want to take a class with Catherine?

Then head on over to Talisman, in beautiful Monroe, Connecticut to sign up quick, before all of the good seats are taken.

On March 13, she’ll be teaching Vision Boards-Personal Tools for Transforming Your Life” from 3-5.

On March 27, the class offering is “Path of the Empath- Psychic Empathy 101” also from 3-5.

And on April 10, from 9:30 – 6:00, Catherine will be teaching Reiki II , the next stage in the Japanese system of healing and energywork.

Healing, psychic skills and making your dreams come true- what could be finer?

Advance registration is advisable (and required for the Reiki II), so if these seem to be calling to you, you should be calling to Talisman at 203-261-0047…

Hope to see you in class.






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Where can the psychics of Foresight be found? Go ask Alice…..

We’ll be rubbing elbows and swilling tea (as well as doing psychic readings) with mock turtles and white knights and the Red Queen herself at Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire V: the Mad Tea party on February 19 -21 at the Doubletree of Somerset (200 Atrium Dr, Somerset, N.J.)

And you can join us.

( This is an adults only event – we’d love to see our younger friends at another time.)

So, don’t be late for a very important date….






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In my last post, I discussed the ethics of using magick and metaphysics in regards to sex, romance and love.

Want the readers’ digest version?

  • It’s o.k. to use magick, metaphysics, psychic ability or prayer to send out a message to the Universe that you’re available, attract a good partner, or help yourself find that partner.
  • It’s not o.k. to use magick, metaphysics, psychic ability or prayer to create love where there is none, coerce  someone into a relationship, or control their life or choices…

The key point is Free Will. Any time your energywork overrides the Free Will of another, you’re wandering past the grey areas into bad energy; and are likely to be creating a karma explosion (For more info, please see post for Feb.9, 2010 or the Free Will articles in May of 2009 ).

So, you better be good, you better watch out…

Keep the magick in love to the good vibrations.

That being said, it’s Valentine’s Day.

If you’ve got a sweety, have you gotten them a gift yet?


Have no fear- Foresight’s here, with a list of possible gifts for your love with a magickal, metaphysical or alternative health twist.

(Please note that, while these gifts all tap into the non-ordinary energy of the Universe, none of them are coercive, will violate Free Will or take away your partner’s ability to choose. Rather, these all support qualities that are qualities of strong, solid, happy relationships.)

1 ) Rose Quartz necklace or pendant-Rose quartz heals negative emotions and trauma, and supports love, both of others and of yourself. It’s a happy stone, and placing it over the heart chakra increases its loving energy.

2 ) Bath salts- Is your honey stressed ( in the relationship, or in general)? Salt has the ability to absorb and neutralize negative energy, and a warm bath can relax the tight muscles that go with stress.

3 ) Environmental recording- Not enough money or time to get away? Recordings of the waves at the beach, the wind in the trees or a crackling fire can create a virtual vacation that supports actual health and relaxation.

4 ) Things in pairs- In Feng Shui, having two items  (statues, candles, a painting of two people/animals/items)  supports couple energy, especially if it’s in the relationship corner of her bedroom (far right corner when at door). So get her two baskets, or if she has a teddy bear, get him a little friend.

5 ) Make dinner- there’s a long history of foods that support love or lust, so why not cook tonight? Spices and condiments in this area include cardamom, dill, honey, marjoram, paprika, thyme and fresh pesto. Possible foods include dates, red grapes, rhubarb, tomatoes, waffles with berries, yams and oranges.

6 ) Massage- Massage not only relaxes tight muscles and joints, but also helps the body to let go of toxins left from illness or stress. It also feels great. You can buy a certificate for a professional massage, do the massage yourself.

7 ) Guided visualization or meditation CD- These trigger the mind-body connection to support health and relaxation, release limitations and improve personal skills. Carefully select one to go with a goal you know your  love is working on,or offer a gift certificate to pick his own.

8 ) Chocolate- Tastes great. Boosts endorphins like love does. Sacred to the Aztecs. “Nuff said.

9 ) Diamond ring- on beyond the mainstream connotations, diamond supports loyalty and fidelity in a relationship. It reconciles quarrels, builds self-confidence and resolves sexual issues.

Good ideas, no?

Happy shopping, happy Valentine’s Day and good wishes to you.















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sixth Chakra:
Location: Center of forehead “third eye”
Purpose: Psychic ability
Stones:Blue apatite , dark blue sapphire

 Until next week






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Love magick?….

Valentine’s Day’s coming…

The other day, I was talking to a friend of mine who works in a New Age store. She told me that on that day, she’d seen the latest in an ongoing stream of people who come into the store looking for someone to cast a love spell ( intended to make someone in particular fall  in love with them…)

As usual, she’d had to tell her visitor that spells like that did exist, but that they were unethical, and that no one in the shop would cast one….

So what’s up with that?

Well, magick connected with love (and, for that matter, lust…) is trcicky. There’s some love magick that’s ethical. There’s some that’s seriously wrong.

And here’s how you tell the difference…

The key point determining whether love magick is ethical or not is  the question of respect for the Free Will of others.

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you may realize that Free  Will is very important to me ( Need an update? Chose to jump to “Free Will Rocks” and “Free Will Still Rocks! Magick and Free Will” in May of 2009 …or not…).

In magick in general, it’s questionable to cast spells/do energy work/do workings that interfere with another person’s Free Will/ability to chose their own path.

Even if you think the results would be good for them…

Even if what you’re working towards is someting you deserve…

It’s not right to interfere with the Free Will of others.

( The one exception is to limit the ability of someone to harm others-and this choice needs to be made conservatively, to apply the minimum limitation to Free Will..)

Free Will is particularly important in magick concerning love. Since energetically, what you put out is what you get back, if you use  magick to compell a specific someone to sleep with you or fall in love  with you, you’re setting up a relationship that’s a ticking time bomb and building up a mass of bad karma that will tend to boomerang back at you.

So what’s ethical magick in love?

Let’s try some examples:

  • Cast a spell to call your perfect partner to you-good;
  • Cast a spell to make Joe at work fall in love with you-bad;
  • Do a working to make yourself attractive toothers-good;
  • Do a working to drive Suzy mad with desire-bad:

Get the idea? The ethical options help a positive outcome along, but don’t enforce your will on others. The unethical magick involves controlling others and taking away their right to chose…

So, Valentine’s Day is on the way. And Love is all around…

Just be sure that you’re making good vibrations.

See you soon






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We’ve been talking about Life Missions and how they make your life better.

But how do you find your Life Mission?

There’s not one clear-cut, absolute way to do this….but there are a number of methods that point you in the right direction. That’s what the next few Life Mission posts will be about.

First, and most simple, as well as most difficult ( now there’s a paradox!)….

Start by sitting yourself down in a quiet place with a pen and paper, and making a list of your favorite things to do. The things that wake your spirit up. The things that give you that “idiot grin” that I’m so fond of. The things that you dream of doing. The things your spirit hungers for. The things you always feel better after you do them.

You know. The things that make life juicy for you.

These may be things that you knock yourself out to make time for. They may be the things that it kills you that you can’t find time for. They may be things you dream of doing some day when you’ve got enough money/time/courage/ energy/etc. ; or they may be dreams you’ve put aside.

They’re not always easy. Making dreams come true can be hard work. They’re not always happy-there can be bumps along the road to Utopia. But they’re the things that call to you.

Go ahead- I’ll wait…..



Got your list?


Now, look at your list and start searching for the common themes in your activities. Are they all about creating things? Nurturing people? Learning things or sharing knowledge?

There’s a lot of possible connections, but those underlying themes are going to point you in the direction of your Life Mission.

So, start detecting…

There’s more ideas on the way!






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