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As I’ve said a number of times previously, both here and in classes and readings, I believe that each and every one of us has a calling; something special and unique that we bring to the party of Life that no one can bring for us.

A Life Mission…

Your Life Mission may or may not have anything to do with how you earn your living ( although, if it does, it’s wonderful). It does have everything to do with having a life that’s wonderful and juicy and exciting, as opposed to one grey day following another…

How’s that work? Once you find your Life Mission, you use it as a star to steer by. Your Life Mission gives you focus in things like what to give your time, energy, love and effort to, so you’re doing things that make you more perfectly you, as opposed to living your neighbor’s dream (or the dream that advertisers are pushing…).

Now your neighbor’s dream or the dreams that are sold in the media may be perfectly fine, but if they don’t feed your own spirit and your own dreams, the satisfaction you get from keeping up with the Joneses or the latest techno-toy is always temporary, leaving you feeling vaguely dissatisfied ( does ” is that all there is?” strike a bell?).

How’s your Life Mission make a difference here?

Well, it’s based around finding your own special gifts, talents, hungers and dreams- about what’s beautiful and juicy for you.

And activities and items based on your Life Mission will feed your spirit, strengthen your ability to do the things you’re here to do.

The things that make your heart sing…..


There’s more on finding your Life Mission coming up…






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