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In my Jan. 5 post on New Year’s resolutions and making your dreams come true, I talked about the concept of using the New Year to stimulate real change in your life, as opposed to good intentions that turn into regrets by the end of January.

If you have projects / goals/ dreams you want to make real, what’s one of the most powerful things you can do to make that happen?

Write it down….

On the physical / psychological / physiological side of the fence, many psychological /sociological studies have found that writing a goal down appreciably increases the odds that you will achieve it.

Even if you write it down, put it away and don’t look at it for a long time…

Weird, but true. The literature is full of stories about folks who wrote down a description of the perfect life partner, an ideal job or other desired objective, lost it for a while then found it again after time, only to find that that goal had actually come to pass…

Of course, it’s better to write it down and look at it on a regular basis, but surveys say that is not necessarily necessary.

More news from the weird but true scientific side of the aisle- medical studies have found that checking something off on a “To Do” list can actually stimulate a small but significant boost of endorphins, those pleasant little hormones that make us feel good.

(So, if you’re like me and have ever written down something you’ve already done on your list so you can check it off, there’s actually a good reason for this 🙂  ! )

From a psychological standpoint, writing down what we want to achieve focuses our attention on it, so we start looking for ways to make it happen. Checking off completed steps feels good so we do more things to make our dreams come true.

Over on the metaphysical side of the aisle, writing things down starts the process of energetically attracting the goal we seek and the ways to get there. If we write it down and look at it regularly, every time we look, we are focusing our attention on and drawing energy into manifesting that new reality.

It’s not always enough to write it down and look at it (although some times, it is…) but doing this stacks the decks more in our favor and makes it easier to get where we want to go.

So, write it down…

  • Write it down in your day planner and look at your dream everyday.
  • Write it on a card and tape it up next to your bathroom mirror, so you focus on it while you brush your teeth
  • Write it on a card and tape it to your car dashboard( if it’s a goal that you’re comfortable with people seeing).

Write your dream or goal down and put it where you can see it.

And now you’re on your way…

See you soon






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