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Happy holidays! I hope your celebrations, whether Christmas, Yule, Quaanza, Channukah, Solstice or any other time of joy were happy and full of good things.

And I want to remind you that there’s one gift still left available.

One of the nicest gifts I could give any of you would be the ability to let loose of any of your “old luggage” you’re ready to get rid of. As I noted in my 12/20/09 post,  E.F.T. ( Emotional Freedom Technique) is a very simple but effective tool for clearing negative beliefs, phobias, fears and emotions.

The best site for EFT is www.emofree.com . It’s got lots of free resources, as well as DVDs for sale. The materials here put the ability in your hands to release stuff you don’t want to hold onto anymore but can’t seem to let go of.

Sadly, this site closes on 1/15/10, when it’s owner Gary Craig retires.

Happily, it’s still open now.

So, I’d urge you to check it out while you still can.

I don’t get any cut from your visit- I just like seeing folks be better able to help themselves.

See you next time






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