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 Hi folks,

For a couple of years now, one of the techniques that I’ve been happy to be experimenting with is one called Emotional Freedom Technique ( E.F.T. , for short).

EFT is a process of combining affirmations with tapping on points on your energy meridians to clear negative beliefs, emotions, fears and phobias. It’s easy to learn, quick and easy to do,and very effective

Personally, I’ve found it incredibly helpful and effective for releasing”old luggage” that I wanted to let go of  but somehow couldn’t release (and as someone born on the cusp of Cancer and Leo, I don’t let go of anything easily 🙂 ). I’ve also seen video of its effectiveness in releasing military post traumatic stress disorder and swimming phobia.

Because it’s worked so well for me, I’ve been delighted to recommend it to other people who needed to let go of things. The site I’ve recommended is www.emofree.com, the site hosted  by Gary Craig, the developer of EFT.This site includes a free basic EFT manual, newsletter and lots more great resources, both free and for sale.

This site contains lots of useful information. It’s therefore painful to report that Gary is retiring as of Jan. 15, 2010, and  that,when he retires, the site and all of the resources close down as well.

Sigh. This is good stuff that’s helped a lot of people and could help a lot more. I understand, however, that the work’s become  overwhelming to him, and health problems are forcing him to close down. I’m just glad that I learned EFT when I did.

The bad news is that Gary Craig’s EFT site is closing down on 1/15/10. The good news is that it will remain open until then. I know that it’s the holidays and folks are busy, but I’d urge you to dash over to www.emofree.com and make EFT part of your life while theres still time.

You’ll be glad you did…

Til next time






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