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Hey there, fellow dreamers…

In my last dream post, I talked about some ways that you can take some control about when, how and how often you experience psychic dreams.

Why would you want to do that?

Well, some examples of times when you might chose to limit psychic dreams or not dream that particular night are

  • the night before an important meeting or big test (you want to be rested and focused on the task at hand);
  • when you’re sick (illness can throw bizarre inaccurate twists into dreams, and psychic dreams can prevent you getting the rest you need to heal);
  • shared intimate experiences such as sex, death or childbirth (there’s such a thing as too much closeness…);
  • when there’s nothing that you can do (disasters on the other side of the planet);
  • when you need to be dreaming your own dreams, as opposed to someone else’s;

See how that works?

There may be some times that it’s a good idea to use the suggestion technique in the previous post, or other means to say that tonight’s not a good night for a psychic dream.

To keep your gift alive, you do need to use it, but not necessarily all of the time. Given that, it’s good to think about things at bedtime and consciously chose whether to open yourself to psychic dreams or not.

This will not only develop balance, so you get the rest you need, but also start developing your control over your more general psychic abilities- control that you’ll be glad to have later along (remember when I said that dreams are often the way that your psychic ability comes out to play first?…)

It’s also a good idea to incorporate a suggestion that, if this is a “non-dream” night, and there is urgent information that you need immediately for your own safety, health and well-being; or that of someone you care for, that the information will come through immediately and clearly ( “…This Night Is Pre-Empted For A Special Report…”)

So strike the balance between psychic information and rest, and have a wonderful day…






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