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Hi there, folks

I’ve been going on and on for some time now about dreams, psychic dreams, how to interpret your dreams, techniques to working with your dreams and so forth…

There’s still more to go on this topic, but I’m going to diverge for a moment or two.

I got an email recently from a person who’s been following these dream posts, but is dealing with a different topic surrounding psychic dreaming- getting information that is unwanted, unnecessary and overly personal.

So what do you do when this happens?

  • When you dream of things that you can’t do anything about?
  • When you dream of things that are overly personal  (I think “none of my business” when it happens to me)?
  • When you dream of things that are traumatic and leave you drained?
  • When you can’t get a good night’s sleep because of all of the psychic traffic coming through your dreams?

What then ?

Some folks will consciously or unconsciously try to shut down their gifts for a number of reasons, including this one. That can be workable as a short term coping strategy, but there are a number of reasons that I’ll examine in the future that this isn’ t great as long-term solution.

It’s far better to learn how to manage  and gain control over your gift, so it can serve you as it was meant to.

With that in mind, did you know that you can

  • set parameters on incidents of psychic input (ex:only when I consciously declare I am willing to receive) ?
  • in effect, set “office hours” which are the only time you’re willing to receive (ex: no non-emergency visions while commutin)?
  • set limitations on the kind of info you’re willing to receive (ex: not to share other peple’s romantic encounters)?
  • set limitations on what can happen where (ex: no deceased folks in messy condition in my bedroom)?

And so forth…

There’s a number of ways to do this sort of thing.

The simplest way is one that you already know about…

When you go to sleep, you can give yourself directions about what kind of psychic dreaming you will accept:

Like ” I will only have psychic dreams when I consciously ask to…”

Or ” I will only dream of information that is useful to me”

Or ” My psychic dreams will come in ways that support my health and happiness.”

Or ” The morning after a psychic dream, I will be well-rested.”

You get the kind of thing.

Always make these statements positive ( ex  “I am rested” as opposed to ” I am not tired.”) as negative words such as “no”, “not” and the like tend to mess up the process.

So remember you can access your psychic abilities through dreams…

And you can chose how those dreams occur…

Now there’s a useful thought.






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