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Are you beginning to get in touch with your psychic self and thinking about looking into a way to do psychic readings for yourself or others?

Are you an experienced reader who’d like to branch out into new and different methods of reading?

Are you interested in the common truths that lie beneath the surface of all types of readings?

Well, have I got a book for you!..

“The Book of Ordinary Oracles” by Lon Milo DuQuette is a fascinating and fun read about a group of people using  the common thread of different types of psychic readings to develope custom methods of their own, using common household items. From a card deck based on Mark Twain, to divination by T.V. remote, to a method using the book itself, this book is full of fascinating ways to see beyond the five senses.

I laughed. I gasped. I learned a lot, too. And it made me think about the core truths of divination, and how we work with them.

I still use palmistry, I Ching, pendulum dowsing and intuitive work. But I also have an oracles based on the sayings on hot sauce from Taco Bell ;-)…

I invite you to come share the fun ( and learn something cool..).  Check out “The Book of Ordinary Oracles”.






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