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On my last post on dream interpretation (11/24/09) , we went into the issue of folks who don’t remember their dreams and the ones who don’t know if they dream at all.

You might be one of those people 😉 .

We talked about dreams being a part of the REM state of sleep, and the fact that, since most of us experience REM, at least of us are dreaming, whether we go so deep into sleep that we remember it or not.

I went into a simple method to reprogram yourself to remember your dreams.

Everybody up to speed?


Now let’s build on that.

In the whole series of posts I’ve done on dreams( from Oct. 2nd onwards) we’ve talked about how dreams are often messages from your intuition or your unconsciousness.

We’ve talked about the symbology of dreams and how to successfully interpret your own individual dream symbols.

Well enough.

But what if you tend to get dreams full of obscure symbols that you just can’t find a meaning for?

What if sugar plum moose in tutus cha cha through the drive thru lane in your dreams?

What if you dream of doing the back stroke for miles through a sea of peppermint schnapps?

What if, while you sleep, you encounter Albert Einstein, who takes one look at you and shouts “A  ha!” and then runs off into the darkness?

What then?

(disclaimer- these dreams are not ones I have had nor have I heard of anyone else having them. I’m just having fun with examples 🙂 )

There’s a simple solution.

Remember how we programmed ourself in the last post to remember our dreams? How we told ourselves as we dropped off to sleep” Tonight I will dream and I will remember my dreams?…

Well, we can add to that.

Are you vexed by chronic dreams with obscure symbols?

Then as you drop off to sleep, tell yourself (silently or out loud, dependant on your situation)…

  • “Tonight, I will dream.”
  • ‘I will remember my dreams.”
  •  ” And my dreams will come to me in symbols that I easily and clearly understand….”

Simple, no?

But,very effective.

This may work for you immediately. It may take some time ( every body’s different- thank goodness!) But it will work….

And you can start benefitting more easily from what your dreams have to tell you.

There’s still not an end to the dreaming. See you soon






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