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As some of you may know, I’ve very interested in manifestation and the various techniques of making it happen. The idea that “thoughts become things”, words have power and what we give our attention to affects what shows into our lives is fascinating and surprising to me. Because of this, I’ve spent a lot of time learning ways to work with this phenomenon, and experimenting with them to understand what makes them tick better.

That being said, if this interests you too, I’ve got a book to recommend to you.

The Law of Attraction in Action” by Deanna Davis is a wonderful book for getting started with the Law of Attraction. It’s well-written, very grounded and a fun read. More than that, it makes manifestation user-friendly, even if you’re new to metaphysics. Good exercises, simple techniques, and lots of Deanna’s own experiences (including her initial questions and doubts about manifestation) make this a really good book to include in your metaphysical library.

I wanted more :-).

On a scale of 1-5 Lucky Cats  for practical skills for living in a magickal world, I give it a 5.

Keep watching. More good stuff coming.





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