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As I’ve previously said, each of us has dreams that are written in our own individual symbolic language.

A cat in a dream might mean something cozy and comforting to me; but someone aloof and remote to you.

 And we’d both be right. Those would both be legitimate interpretations of a dream cat, based on how each of us saw cats.

What’s also interesting is that the cat is not always going to mean the same thing to me in a dream. One cat might give that cuddly feeling, another a wild and mysterious aspect to the dream.

That’s why the second magic question

  • How does (your word here) make me feel?

is so important. It tells us to look for symbolic shifting within our dreams.

The important part is that each dream is its own critter, so ask the questions, listen to what your inner wisdom and know that a cat may take different functions, dependant on the dream (and why does that not surprise me? 😉 )





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