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In the last dream post, we talked about the two magic questions of dream interpretation:

  • What does ( your word here) mean to me?


  • How does ( your word here) make me feel?

Lets look at the questions in a bit more detail…

What does (your word here) mean to me?

As I’ve previously said, symbolic dreams are written in our own personal symbolic system. For instance, a dream of a foggy day might mean “mystery” to one person and “depression” to another. Both would be legitimate interpretations of that  dream, and which interpretation was accurate would depend on who was having the dream.

That make sense?

In the previous post, I used the example of a dream of being chased by a bear. If  “Bear  stands out as an important point, what does ” Bear” mean?


  • Bear is strong and powerful
  • Bear is omnivorous, so is very flexible
  • Bear hibernates, so can symbolize a need to rest
  • Bear has traditional identity  in healing, in certain cultures
  • Bears can come in threes( is there a 3 connection)?
  • Bears are something you shouldn’t feed

And so on.

To find the meaning, you page through various meanings/ connections/ symbols.  When you find the meaning, it’ll jump out at you.

Take each important point and write down it’s meaning for you in this dream.

Next time round, we’ll look at question number 2…






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